New movie from me!

I said I would make a vid when I landed mye first 720 unispin.
So, here it is. All the clips (not the 720-unispin clip) are from between after FLUCK and september.
I didn’t spend much time on the editing, but I hope to come up
with a new vid soon. With new clips. :stuck_out_tongue:

Download link:
UTV link:

Nice, good job on the 720

What kind of camera do you use?

Panasonic nv-gs 230

Nice vid Freddy, really good spins there, especially the 720, how long have you been working on that?

Huge hop up those stairs too.


awesome video

wow ! nice::smiley: i was i the credtis 2 times! ( im proud:P)

im going to play it again…

awsome . 7 spin and 360 side-spin , you got to make more!


that wss awesome what kind of saddle was that?

he used a koxx whitwidow seat and my kh street fuison

awsome! nice 720’s and that rolling hop up the satairs waas huge!

Wauw, this was a very cool vid (again)
That flip of the bench was so insane :astonished:
Olso the back up the stairs.
Realy probs to you :sunglasses:

Peter M

why does it seem that the french riders are starting to do 720’s with the seat backwards?

That was awesome.

Don’t know but Fredrik is from Norway.

That was amazing. :astonished:



awsome clip, nice 720.


Thanks. I tried for the first time at FLUCK I think…
And a few times after. Then when I saw Loic do the clean 720,
I decided to land it the next day… :stuck_out_tongue:
Didn’t take that much time…

awesome as always !!!
You become better and better and better

Awesomeness :wink: I love your vids, Fredrik.

I’ve seen the first half of it and it was awesome! The crankflip off the bench was sweet :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it won’t download more than half of it before our internet connection craps out, and the UTV link doesn’t seem to work at all. Is there any chance of you uploading it to Youtube? Because I really want to see it


Oh wait I see you’ve just put it on there. That was amazing! The double sexchange was sweet. Nice work