New Movie: Flatland/street/BC

plate flips, crankflips to stand up :astonished: that was a pretty cool video. your stand up ww still kind of look weird when your holding the seat.

How long did the plate flip take to get?

My stand up ww is really weird because the seat hangs out the back of my legs…thats sort of why I have to hold it, so it won’t fall down.
The elevator drop actually didn’t take too long, my first tries weren’t close at all then I was sort of doubting how possible it was then I got my feet on the plates once then I got excited because then I knew that it wasn’t completely out of my level. A couple more tries then I landed it. Then I moved the camera and landed it again. Its kind of annoying because I would keep landing on the plates wierdly and they would twist and be a 90 degree angles from each other. I can’t seem to get them really tight, maybe I need a longer wrench.

dude way good riding, way good editing, music… not so much… but it was still awesome…bc trials, i like the possiblities… im pretty sure flatland is my favorite form of uni…


All I will say is that I will pay you serious bucks to give me LESSONS! :smiley:

right on dude. that was some killer ridin. the fence thing was sweet. but i bet it sucked

looks like the only thing you are missing is a BC ‘crank’ flip :astonished:

that was sexellent.

Keep up the good work, ‘bigman’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Your hair is getting bigger than you! You take some pretty harsh falls dude! Loved the BC along the railing thing. Smooth movie, keep up the sweet riding. Your vids are always worth watching!

Rock on!

That was really cool spence, your BCing is wkd surely you must be one of the best, keep it up!

kidd your’e good

YAY!!! my first video apperence!! man your getting too good! i like your hair too, its exactly like mine but im blonde. are you getting taller too??

thanks man:)

Hey, thanks.
Yeah, I’m getting taller, very slowly. When I first got my origional summit I had to cut the seat post alot so I could sit on it when it was all the way down. Now the post is too short and I can’t make it high enough for sif hops.
I am getting a hair cut on may 17th! not too short though, just so it doesn’t go in my face or down my back.
The first thing that most of the people in my family that watched it was “who is Jesse?”

what did you say?