New Movie: Flatland/street/BC

Well, I made a movie over my spring break…It was resized from 90mb to 20mb because my computer didn’t have enough memory to save a bigger movie file.
The BC wheeling in it was kind of a spur of the moment type thing, I filmed alot of uni stuff and decided I needed some BC stuff so I took it out and played around so don’t expect anything amazing…except for one trick at the end (its my favorite trick in the whole movie).
To me, practicing flatland bc tricks feels like trying to learn to coast 20 minutes after getting your first uni, everything seems really impossible then I get frustrated and then just take out my uni again. Me and Evan both can ride all day trying new things and by the end of the day maybe 2-3 tricks landed total, it gets kind of annoying. Anyways, back on topic…

Music by Panic! at the Disco (2 different songs) and credits music by someone else, I don’t remember who.

Here is the link

One of the better vids that I have seen in a while. The footplant thing on the bench was awesome smooth, so were those elevator drops. I also liked that one part where you did the reverse off of a fall and then did the unispin. A good effect, as long as its not overused. I found that you put a few too many bails in the film, I think it would have been better to put a section of them at the end. That one off the railing looked like it hurt… A lot. Your sister at the end was funny, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying :P.

Sweet riding though.

That was really awesome spencer, each of your videos shows a huge progression, although I see you take a beating in exchange for those skills. i especialy like those crazy new things you manage to think up on your bc.

Keep em comming.

She said “Spring Break Riding” “Riding and Editing by Spencer, Yeehaw” (she added the yeehaw part, I think she saw it on TV) then she said “Bedford Unicycles!”. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe you survived your spring break! Those bails looked extremely painful, especially that one on the rail. It was cool that you put them in along with the successful attempts, it gives an idea of how hard you tried to get those tricks down. And they were awesome tricks, too!

One thing I notice that could use improvement though is how many prehops you use. The stuff you pull off is incredible, and if the transistions between your tricks were smaller it would look much better.

Great video, keep up the good work!

Oh, and that air on the bc wheel (where you just left the plates and landed back on them) was really cool.
I heard the bedford unicycle thing, and the yeehaw!

Awesome vid Spencer. The BC on the handrail was sick! Love the elevator drops as well. So smooth. You’re also getting some pretty mad uni skills. Keep it up!


It’s Marcy Playground. Awesome video anyway.

The BC handrail ride was wicked killer. My stomach quivered a little at the beginning of that clip… you got some huge balls! Did you land the drop at the end?

Yeah! Me too!

Hell no! Shaddup! Spencer’s bails are killer… no matter how gnarly they are it’s great how he just gets up and keeps on riding. I think he’s impervious to pain.

Great vid, i really like the ending, could be a great way to advertise bedford =p

Sweet vid, man!

Like others have said, the BC hand-rail riding was insane!

You’re getting pretty good at flatland, too!

Too bad I left my BC at home, so I wouldn’t have a lot of distractions for finals coming up next week.


Nice vid and great riding - you must be made out of rubber to bounce back from some of those spills :slight_smile:

that was sooo kool. i saw some sickk tricks that i wanna learn now.

Same old tune. Noice vid man. The Bc wheel skills are highly impressive. The falls looked good (bad, but that makes them good) and the hmmm platedrop jump, ha, whatever you called it, was radical.

-Shaun Johanneson

yeah, realy good work! keep it on!

I’m going out to practice :roll_eyes:

Ha, a lot of your new uni stuff I either just learned or am working on learning right now…

Spencer, I just wanted to tell you, you’re flippin amazin.
I wanna be like you when I grow up.

I have noticed that for a while, we have been learning the same stuff at about the same time. Whenever you have a vid of you riding it looks exactly like what I am doing at the time.

havent seen it yet but im glad you chose goosd music

i liked it…your crankflips to ww are pretty smooth