**NEW MOVIE** check it

http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=183700 since everyone is making movies lately i will make one too. check it…

nice frst time ive sceen one of your videos.

your pritty good well done

i liked the 180 on top of that high thingy - it takes balls

cool video

why didnt you drop off of the electrical boxes? it would’ve impressed me alot more.but everything else looked clean. good job

Good stuff. you should hop a lot less though, it really ruins the flow of everything

That was pretty cool, you really need to stop pointing at the camera…seriously. I like the unispin ontop of the high thing too.

liked that a lot. I’d try working on your prehops and hopping less. looks good.

by the by, what was the song you used there? i thought that was a pretty good song.

I was excited to see that he wasn’t pointing at the camera every scene… then of course, he did it, and I groaned out loud.


i didnt point at the screen at least, by the way the song was way away by yellowcard

that was pretty cool. much better than your other vids

Yes you did! Just before half way through you did it with both hands, look again. I’m just giving you a hard time, no worries. Nice video.

(EDIT) Oh I’m sorry, I didnt read who had said that. Thats right you didnt, good job haha. :slight_smile: (/EDIT)

whoooo hoo that is a mostly successful movie… but i am addicted to pre-hops, i guess i am going to have to go cold turkey and stop pre-hops.

There’s some good lines in your video; your hops and grabs are good! Nice riding. I liked the tire hop down the stairs.

Pre-hops are okay when you’re going for a big pedal grab. If anything, try and slow down the rate at which you hop… maybe only do one or two hops between each move.

BTW, I got a little motion sickness watching the video. Try and find a tripod for your next one! :wink:

i “might” be getting a new video camera soon, and now i am just useing a sucky digital camera that has a video feature, but in the digital camera the place where you screw the tri pod in is busted… k now uni is makeing even MORE noise, i am quite sure it is the spokes making the noise, but is it still good to ride or should i not ride it till i get them tightened at LBS???

if the noise is bugging you that much just rub some candle wax on the spokes and they will stop creaking. but you should try to get to the lbs relatively soon…unless its faulty i cant see it being the hub or cranks…from the video i can see that you have tone anydrops that would even budge the KH onza set. and teh camera thing…just set it on a stool of some kind when you ride and rorate it on that.

the noise isnt bugging me too much, it’s just that i dont wanna wreck my new equipment just from not maintaining it.

That was an awsome vid, your best yet! I liked the hopping on tire down the stairs

well greg if your that concerend the yes take it to the lbs…but i still dont see how doing 2-3 foot drops could hurt a kh/ozna set