New movie at Sandes!

We was at a ramp in Sandes (norway) and we filmed when we were there, so here it is:

nice:). good riding and editing but try to get the light a bit better on some of those shots.

you guys are lucky to have so many friend that ride together.

hehe, thats me :stuck_out_tongue: i sold the monty now, im gonna buy a kh. And were not that lucky. The one with the gold edition (koxx-one) lives were i live. the on with the koxx original and the one wit the qu-ax lives same place and Kriss live another place, so we meet from diffrent placec :stuck_out_tongue:

Plz leave som comments

that was a decent video. Too many hops though. I’m usually not all that picky about hops, but this was too much. I didn’t really like the music either, but thats my fault right;) . The riding though was decent.