New Moves

im getin board with my old 1ns i need some new things to do that arnt that hard :smiley: :smiley:

360 unispins
180 unispins up and down and rolling
180’s up and down and off things
etc etc etc

i kan du uni spins, 180s up nd down suff go n e uthea ideas

oh yea and i kan du backflips no swet

learn double backflips then

ne thing hard

you can join me in the competition to be the first person to do a backflip on a unicycle (standing)


I can do back flips too. henry try crank grabbing up sumfin and work on jumpin up 2 crates

heaps of people have done backflips on unicycles (standing), body backflips on unicycle is a different matter

i mean backflips as in back somersault

oi u no i kan du that easy

yea i kan du them on the tramp

Standing = On the ground, flat ground