New mountain unicycle frame

Hows it going? My name is Aaron Oss and I’ve recently designed and manufactured 24" and 26" Muni frames. I’m trying to determine if there is a market for them.

The frames are made from solid aluminum with main cap style bearing housings. The frame is equiped with V-brakes and is designed to fit a 3.0" Gazzaloddi tire. I used a Suzue hub and mammoth rim for wheel set - could redesign frame to except a profile splined hub if there is a demand. Also used miyata saddle with 22.2mm seat post.

Thank-you for you time and I look forward to recieving you opinons and thoughts.

Please see pictures on my website”>>>Will be finished and on the web next week

Aaron Oss

glad to see you moved your thread out of the Product Review forum,but like i said over there,a v-brake will simply not work with a Gazz 3.0 tyre and the crossing cable barly clears the top of a Gazz 2.6

hey aron

i recently just got my muni( well about a month ) and i have the profile set up the the dun double wide rim and the gazz.
I do have a Yuni 24" frame at the moment but im kind of afraid to go really mucky MUni because i dont want mud to get stuck and topple me off. There is barley any clearnece. So what if you were to make a frame that isnt nescessaraly a total MUni frame ( like 26") but like a 25" or 24 and a 1/2. I am also into trials but i like to do it on my 24" so if thats possible that could be kind a sweet.

laid her,


p.s. the reason im asking for the custom frame is because u do lose a couple inches if u go to the 26" frame but i want it for MUni to.

Jagur - I used parallel push linkage v-brakes and modified the angle of the cable to clear the 3.0 Gazz. It works just the same.



Where abouts is it barely clearing - between the tire and the forks or the tire and the crown. Both my 24"+ 26" frames are designed to fit a 3.0 Gazz. These current frames were designed mainly for downhill use, but they can do some trials.


i’d love to see a pic of that.

Me too.

I met Aaron at UNICON and I thought he had a prototype frame with him, hogged out of aluminum with a nice finish and with OSS deeply cut into the crown with an end mill. If so, you definitely want to see at least a photo of this very pretty frame.

Check out my website for pictures. It should be up and running by tuesday of next week.

The entire frame consists of CNC machined components that have been Tig welded together by hand. Oss has been engraved into each frame with a ball nose endmill. So far everyone I’ve shown says that its a good quality frame and that it looks very nice.

Unicon was a lot of fun, I enjoyed riding your unicycle with the geared hub. Are you still manufacturing them?

I don’t seem to be able to view the web site. Is it up yet?


Re: New mountain unicycle frame

I also met Aaron at unicon in the parade and his unicycle looked pretty
stylish… I’m not sure if he remembers me though.


I’m still finishing off my website, its taking a bit longer then expected. Hopefully it should be up and running by this weekend. I’ll let you know when its up.



I met a bunch of people at the parade…But I think I remember. You rode a freestyle unicycle and you were able to rest the seat on you stomach and then use your hands to turn the wheel. We also talked about what it was like using a manual milling machine.
Let me know if this is you


From what I can see you’ve not even registered the domain name yet -

May I suggest that you do this right now, I know it’s not likely, but you do get some awkward sods in this world who register domains that people want just to annoy them (and not just the big company web sites).

Have fun!


My website is finally online!! click on the link below to check out pictures of my unicycles.


1.5Kg frame weight!

Thats very heavy.

What’s the frame flex like?

The frame is heavier since its constructed out of solid 6061 aluminum components. Its built to last. Flex varies depending on fork length.

Maybe since there seems to be debate on weight and v-brake capability etc, the best way to determine if there’s a market is to bring a couple of these babies along to the CA Muni Weekend or other significant event, and let some folks go nuts on them. That seems to be a tried and true system for almost every recent advance in the equipment for the sport.