New Mount

Hey, i just made a new mount 2day. check it out.

Wow, that looks really exciting.

I can’t even do a kick up mount… but then again, I haven’t ever tried it.

What are you going to call it?

no idea. does ne 1 else hav ne ideas?

twinkle toed kick up

OMG. lmao! haha ill think bout it.

i liked it…

It needs a more manly name than that

It looks like a kick up suicide mount if you want it to have a technical name if not how about the ball crusher.

Jump double kickup :stuck_out_tongue:

Blimey!!! :astonished:
How bout a Double Kick Suicide Mount

Thats nuts!
How bout Ninja Mount?

that looks really fun!

goos job

hmm… idk. i actuall just kick it up w/ one foot but both feet go up at the same time. haha i think ill call it ninja mount. still open 2 other ideas tho.:wink:

I’m all for Ninja mount.

someone (i can’t remember his name) allready did it at unicon 13 but keep it up

Yea/they did. But yea i couldent do it…keep it up!

Flick up suicide mount, I reckon.

kick up suicide mount or ninja mount sound good

Ninja mount sounds awesome.

Non-rider: Whoa is that a Unicycle laying next to you?
Rider: Why yes it is.
Non-rider: Can you do any tricks?
Rider: Well, I can do a Ninja mount.
Non-rider: GUYS, (S)HE’S A NINJA!
Rider: Thinking to self, damn straight I’m a Ninja

You should name it after yourself!, like when ppl discover a new comet, asteroid, planet, etc! I don’t know your name, so that’s for you to tell us.:slight_smile: Somehow I doubt it’s Pele! :roll_eyes:

Hehe, thats gold!
Glad my idea was liked - it was the first thing that came into my head!