New Monty Trials/Unicycles

Does anyone have one? I was browsing through Monty’s catalog and I saw their trials unicycles. They make one with cotterless cranks and one with ISIS cranks. The wheelset looks pretty nice, but I’m not so sure about the frame and seat. What about the cranks? Are they nice for Trials/Flat/Street?

The Trials are on pg 9 of 28.

They also have some beginner unicycles (20"-24") in their on-road catalog, but those both look pretty outdated with nasty seats (like the savage with metals bumpers).

They are for sale here:
I like the look of that tyre.

Those unis are old, I seen it before I brought my Koxx-one Devil, 2 years and 8 days ago. I dont know anything else about the though, but that tire looks cool:p

yea they are pretty old and not very good quality. A bike trials rider i know bent the cranks just trying to learn to ride on it. the crown looks brutal for knee bashing. if you want a cheap trials your better off getting a nimbus.

edit: i found a few more details for you.

Seat: Chris Holme design.
Seat clamp: Double screw.
Cranks: 6061 aluminium,152mm.
Pedals: VP Components, aluminium body, 9/16 thread.
Rim: Jetset 6061 T6 aluminium, 38mm.
Tire: Monty trials design, 20"x2.7"
Hub: 6061 aluminium.
Frame finish: 1) Red.
2) Black
3) Chrome.

152mm cranks on a 20" trials uni?!:stuck_out_tongue: And I thought it came with a 2.7 Monty Eagle Claw, I want that uni just to have that 2.7 tire:p

Lol- so it seems this unicycle is lame except the awesome tire.