New Monty Tire (this time its actually new!)

I bring you

:: Drumroll ::


Now more lighter and with sideholes!

to thin in my opinian

More lighter? Hmm…

Pardon my lack of knowlege, but what are the sideholes for? Are they soley for the purpose of making it lighter?


Wow, anybody tried it yet?

Anybody try the last new Monty (2.7) yet? :roll_eyes:

Thats what I meant in the title: I don’t think the last monty tire was new at all. Maybe the compound was different but it was the same width and tread pattern.

the 2.6 is only 19 inchs

19’’ is the standard size for all trials unicycles.

Yeah…The Alex rim is only 19", the KH rim is 19" and the Try-all is only 19"…Whats your problem with 19"s

What do people think of the 2.6 or 2.7? monty tyre? I think its to big but havent tried it.


It would have a bit more bounce…but would also be a hair heavier…Its probly ok for trials i think…

These tires are apparently being made by Maxxis. My source could be wrong though.

i think they could use a english lernin class,

and come on! how heavy are trials tires anyway?

Heavy enough if your a weight weenie.

My trials tire is the heaviest part on my unicycle.

Somewhere around 2 1/4 lbs is the norm I think.