New Month, New Wallpaper!

“i heart”…


the heart looks really good.

thats what she said…

Thanks!! this is slightly better than the last one cause it actualy fits. :smiley:

some people have tiny monitors, i have a huge one. So instead of making a bunch im always going to make them this size.


It may be easier to just make them all at 1900x1200, 1680x1050, 1440x900, then a 1280x768 or whatever an average 17" monitor uses. Makes it a lot easier for us the users, and doing a few re-sizes is completely easy.

yeah, but it comes in one giant size, and it fits my 24" monitor perfectly.

If theres a higher demand for this kind of stuff in the future then i may think about creating more in many sizes, as it stands now. This should be fine.

enjoy guys!

No offense to you at all Justin, big fan of yours… But i really don’t see the point in this one at all? haha

Haha It fit my 22" but hardly…

soo…whats the point of the other one then? hahaha, there really is no point to these wallpapers, other then to spread the word of and looking cool.

how did this go over?

i didnt get a huge response so i stopped making them, should i make more?

Not for me.

Don’t know but you should definately fix your URLs… (i haven’t seen them but I like wallpapers…) <- not working <- still not working

yeah those were attached to the old team page and now its gone. this thread is old