New model coker?

I called Coker Tire today to inquire about redeeming my $100 gift certificate I won at the 2006 Rolling Trials Competition, and the confused sales reps finally handed me to someone who said he sold the last of the old cokers, but that the new model should be ready from the manufacturer in 1-2 months. Though I am planning to ride in the Tour Da Yoop and was hoping to get my coker now-ish, I’m interested to see what this new coker will look like. He sounded busy so I didn’t ask too many questions, but he mentioned an aluminum rim, a frame with brake bosses and a better seat. The standard version (which still has several upgrades compared to the old model) will be maybe $20 more than the original ($339 from Additional options will be available for extra $. Does anyone know anything else about this new coker?

He also said that Gracie Sorbello stopped by just yesterday to see the place and pick up some spare tubes. Neat.

i would like to know about this.

They got tubes? I got a note 2 days ago from Coker saying coker tubes are back ordered 3-4 Weeks.

There is a thread around here with a discussion with a Coker Representative looking for feedback on what the new Coker should offer. I don’t remember the thread describing anything specific about the new coker.

Sounds like UDC offers all those options with the Radial 360, and now stainless spokes. I look forward to hearing about the new Coker.

Now how am I going to justify another unicycle? :stuck_out_tongue:

As always, one unicycle/excuse/rationalization at a time…

It will be exciting to see what Coker has come up with after the long discussion we had with their guy in charge of designing/spec-ing it. Sounds like no 42" wheel though. Oh well, maybe next time…

talked to roger at UDC today and this came up in conversation whilst sorting out my knobbly tires.

He says that they don’t know anything about a new model. He also went on to say that UDC is the biggest purchaser of cokers and they’d be the 1st to know, if such a thing was gonna happen.

i cant wait to see this

there isn’t a new model.

either way, i was thinking about getting one at the end of the summer, or as soon as i get enough money for it, so if there is a new one, do you think a bunch of people will sell there old ones to make room for the new ones?

I would assume, for most riders, upgrading to a new updated Coker is unlikely, on the assumption that these riders who might want to an updated 36" would have already updated their current ride.

Personally my 36" Uni (I stopped calling it a Coker a while back) has only one Coker part, the tyre. Personally I don’t call my 29er a ‘Kenda’ or ‘Claw’ so I don’t name 36" after the tyre. :roll_eyes:

However my kids (aged 7 & 9) do call their 24" a mini-Coker, and it looks like a Coker when they are on it :smiley:


Such a thing is in the works, according to Coker and according to a long thread somewhere in here (search on redesigned coker). What is apparently not certain is when these things are going to ship. I remember the original Cokers only became available many months after the original announced date. When your parts are coming from manufacturers on the opposite side of the world (by boat), things can take a while.

I want it NOW, I want it for FREE, and I don’t want you nagging me to SEARCH anymore. What’s with you? You act like everything’s not done for you or something.

OMG! LOL! Word…yo.

Sweet, i will get one when they come out also for the Tour De Yoop. I need a coker now! I hate waiting…

bwahahaha… leave it to harper to clarify the american mindset.:stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Would have been funnier if you’d misspelled at least 10% of the words, and thrown in a few unnecessary texting abbreviations. LOL.

I got that same note, what’s this about spare tubes?? Damn I miss riding my 36"…

The old Coker needed a few improvements, but I really hope they’re working on a bigger model as well.

Sorry to hear that you are off your Coker. Maybe you can patch the old tube. Lucky for me I have a back-up tube. I didn’t know who Gracie Sorbell is, but now that I do, I’m glad to hear that she managed to picked up some spares.

Well, to be fair, the guy just mentioned that she came looking for spare tubes, not that she actually got any. He also said that he was all out of the old cokers, but that he could probably try and build one from spare parts if I needed one quickly :thinking:

I’d never heard of her either. Did she make a thread or something on here about her little trip? As for my tube, I’ve tried patching it several times but it isn’t working because it’s coming apart near the valve. In the meantime I’m getting reacquainted with my 28", which isn’t so bad I guess.