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So about 3 weeks ago we ordered 2 DX32’s in 19" and a couple of tires. one of the tires was a monty, the other an echo. we sold the monty tire along with my old frame that’s been sitting in our garage since we went out to toronto for the convention (in summer 2001). Yesterday my dad spent about 6 hours making (me) a frame for the extra wheel we had, but werent yet using. this was the result. I slapped a Velo seat and a post mounted handle on, and was ready to roll. unfortunately I dont have anyone to ride with, and thus no one to take pictures of the frame in action. so far I’v discovered that within three tries I’m able to crank grab again. I learned that I cant do drops over a foot and a half due to crank bending, and that it’s about five pounds lighter than my other Muni, even with the fireball on it. it’s also better for skinnies than my 24", as far as I can tell.

more pictures at :

Edit: Almost forgot, we got the tire and rim from <>. it was a quick delivery considering it was from NY and it wasnnt ups’d.

Edit 2: more pics to come.


Max, what are you thinking??
You can’t ride a non-Profile hubbed uni for trials. You’ll break the cranks off. How can you you even restrain yourself when you’re out on the bouncy, light weight little thing? I’d be trying to jump that thig all over the place.

Don’t paint it, I like the blue and red fork legs, and when it starts to rust, it’ll look hardcore. By the way, what part of a bike were the legs made from?? Looks like maybe the chainstays. Re-cycling is cool.

see ya… Mojoe

Looks dang ghetto, good work!

I was thinking two things. one, we had a wheel laying around that we werent using and promised trialin we would review the tire. and two, I didnt even know it was being made until about half way through. After an hour and a half of riding I got myself alot of fun gapping and a bent pair of pedals. ok, one was already bent and It was a soft spindle. It’s actually pretty good for skinnys and decent for ups, but I cant get the same height on my rollers yet. instead, I got crank grabs.

oh yeah, and I might upgrade to a KH hub if I continue to use this thing and like it.

When Max plays musical chairs, they don’t have to have anyone remove chairs…

Hey, Max, Carrole needs a badge/crest for his cycles -what sort of Iconography would fit? I was batting around some ideas, but came up with mostly lame stuff, like ‘Max Daddy’s Cycles’… maybe I could put the ‘Land-o-Lakes’ indian maiden on a wheel and call it a deal…


currently we have three ideas. Gus’s frames, which is what everyone refers to them as. not they could be tower frames, due to the large signiture neighborhood water tower. and .22 caliber frames, because he’s using washers with .22 caliber holes in them for fork crown caps. any more ideas?

uggggghhhhhhhhhhh echo…:frowning:

they have a habit of breaking… and sometimes they “forget” to heat treat they’re aluminum frames

I dont see how thier lack of aluminum frame completion affects the tires they have made? I like the grip on it alot. but this may be just mod’s in general…

thats just an example of echo quality… i’ve heard endless stories of broken echo’s/ parts…

but that was mostly last year… maybe they’ve changed…

I have been told by some expert and pro trials bike riders that the echo tires although good for most bike trials have a thiner sidewall and are not the best for side hops when running a lower more “flexy” air pressure. They are more comparable to the Monty skinwall tires than the whiteline or black side walls that almost every uni tirals rider has. The Monty tire has a bit stiffer sidewall and allows you to run a lower tire pressure without the tire folding over on itself. I guess it all comes down to having a tire pressure that you feel is right for yourself.

My personal view on pressure is that you want the tire hard enough so it doesnt fold over while your jumping but still alows you the maximum compression and Bounce out of the tire.

I havent had a problem with foldover yet. I’m running the pressure kinda high, but it works out since it doesnt have to absord drops.

I’m sure this has been asked many times before and I’m sorry, but why do people call Montys Mods? Have I even got that bit right?


mod trials bikes (such as monty bikes) were developed because (this is my assumtion) trials riders wanted a lighter bike with trials advantages, and thus they made a new size rim/tire so they could run lower pressures, adding grip, while still not getting flats. it makes sense to call a unicycle with a monty brand tire and rim a monty unicycle, but if there are absolutely no monty parts it doesnt make sense to call it a monty unicycle. ramble mode exiting.

To add to Max’s post:

Stock trials bikes have 26" rims… not too sure how much you can change in terms of chainrings and cogs. I think you have to keep them fairly true to the original (stock), hence the name “stock bike”.

Mod bikes are, for lack of better terms, bikes with modifications. 24 and 20" rims, fixed gears and altered frames are among the popular changes. Monty just happens to be a well-known company that makes mod trials bikes – there are many others.


Uh… are those rim or center fire cartriges? Ummmm -22 Rim Fire.


Mod bikes are 20" wheels they are bikes modifyed directly for Bike trials

Stock bikes are 26" wheels they’re called stocks because it is a bike that is commercially available anywhere, and is not necessaryily produced for trials

monty actually makes aboot 2 or 3 stock models


stock.bmp (244 KB)


mod.bmp (938 KB)


Those bikes dont have seats because they are made for heavy duty trials and the rider doesnt sit down, am I right?

but some bad bruises and/or bleeding for the person who falls.

mostly because Koxx and monty are killer competion style bikes… no street riding for them… but most trials bikes have seat tubes…

oh yeah and usually when you bail you can put a foot down before any injury is done