new miyata

I got a blue miyata off of ebay a little while ago. I have been having difficulties ajusting to it because from the bottom of the frame to the top of the wheel is 3 in. On my old torker it is only a little under 1 1/4 in in the the same spot. Are all miyatas like that or is it the wrong frame?

Mark :thinking:

also would this make stand up wheel walk impossible?


Not impossible, but very difficult. I suggest you get a new frame.

you sure you don’t have a 20" wheel in a 24" frame?

that’s what I was thinkin…I bet it’s a 24" frame.

Many years ago, all 20" and 24" unicycles came with the same size frame. I turned my first uni, an original 20" Miyata, into a racing 24".