New Miyata - Big Problems

I suppose that u-bolts could be easily made from all-thread of the right thread size. Either the front or the back has three bolts in it and would have to be reduced to two with this scheme but it would be easy, cheap, and serviceable without removing the seat cover (jagur’s objection). The next, but more complicated, iteration would be to make bolt plates for the ones with three bolts.

Re: New Miyata - Big Problems

Sell now, and go short as it drops. It’ll level off, though, as sales of
cheap unis and subsequent upgrades will continue as usual. If Avro gets
their tough 36" rim finished for the Coker uni and Wheelman penny-farthing,
things may pick up. If I can get downhill penny-farthing racing to catch
on, I guarantee the stock will soar. I just have to find out if Fox will
make a suspension fork for the wheelman, and talk to Shimano about a 7-
speed hub for it. Coker is currently discussing with Jan Karpiel on how to
build a rear suspension into a penny-farthing frame. A smaller penny-
farthing is in the works in a cooperative effort with Coker and Monty, to
be used for trials. Definitely go long once those come out.


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> a friend of mine just purchased 100 shares of stock on my
> recommendation, and he’s worried what the possibilty of shareholder
> panic over this information might do to his portfolio.
> what do i tell him?
> what might this mean for the tech sector in particular?
> are our fair-weather unicyclist days to end?
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Johnny B,

Would you consider buying on the margen, in this case -are options an option?