New mini video!

I haven’t made a little video with many clips on a while, so i went out and filmed some of my newest tricks:)
please comment



Cool man :smiley:

I like your style…

And the song makes me think in Jon Atwell :p!

Keep it Up :smiley:

tight vid! great song choice too :wink:

2 random thing: i just learned to play that song on guitar and i love your hat.

Cool short video. I’ll have to watch it again once I’m on a computer with audio.

Thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile: Thanks Jon, that hat was very expensive!


very nice vid!

i like you cap:D

sykt bra film !

nice video!

Kinda new :stuck_out_tongue: i just took off the colors of my frame and got white tire, and painted my rim :smiley: