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After 8 months of reading this site, I have finally joined. I started riding a 24inch Schwinn, in 1979. Then I got a Schwinn Giraffe two years later. I quit riding when I got married in 1991, because I had no where to ride and not enough time. My wife surprised me with a 24inch Sun for Fathers’ Day 2005. Ever since then I have been addicted. I got a Nimbus 29 for Christmas. Well my wife is about to put my son to sleep, which means uninterupted riding time for me! Gotta go,


Thanks for joining, Jeff! You know what it’s all about here, if you’ve been reading the fora for several months.

I rode when I was young and got back into it as an adult, too. Many folks share that here. Make certain you give your wife a chance to learn the uni, too. I know I only give presents if I secretly want them myself! :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome Jeff.

podzol, that’s why I bought the coker! We just celebrated our 32nd anniversary and I had to buy her something :wink:

You bought your wife a coker? You are a class act! :sunglasses:

MY wife will not try. I Have ten year old daughter who i got a 20inch sun for she seems to have lost interest . I also have another daughter that is six and a son that is 14 mos I hope at least one will want to learn…

I got my son a uni for his 6th birthday. He clung to sawhorses on the driveway for a week and then stopped riding for several months. Took it out again for a couple days, put it away for a month. This was his pattern, but each time he retained something that he had learned. A year and a half after his 6th birthday, he mountain unicycles with me, freemounts and claims it’s easy. He wants to learn how to hop now.

Don’t give up on your daughter just yet. Just keep being a living example of how riding a unicycle makes life better. It will help, too, if you arrange to have her bicycle stolen. :wink:

I want to get my 6 year old to try but i cant get her to give up her training wheels on her bike.

The training wheel fairy came to our garage one night when my son was six years old. Took the training wheels and left some elbow and knee pads.

He was on two wheels very shortly.

Hello and welcome.