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I’d like to introduce myself to the list. I’m Tim Murray and I’ve just succeeded
in finding that elusive point of balance that enables me to actually ride my
newly acquired unicycle. I’ve got a 24" Pashley.

I’ve learnt by going along the fence outside the house; much to the amusement
of our neighbours ! They are now pretty astounded that I’ve actually managed to
get going.

My next ambitions are to be able to free mount and to idle so any advice would
be very welcome; or pointers where to look.


Re: New Member

Hi, my name is Jerry Cooper, another new member.

It’s brilliant to find a unicycle newsgroup! I got my uni a month ago for my
47th birthday and so far I can only manage about 15-20 feet but it’s coming!

without knowing anyone else with a uni I have no ideas regarding technique, so
am approaching it on a trial and error basis. consequently I am hungry for any
tips and advice.

J Cooper