New Member...

Hi all!

I’m Michael Camilleri, the newest member of your mailing list. Thought you might
like to know a few things about me…

Name: Mike Camilleri, partner Gillian Walsh Home: Auckland, New Zealand
Occupation: Research Scientist (kiwifriut), finishing Phd part time in
Atmospheric Physics. Hobbies: Too many. Includes trumpet and Piano playing, Rock
climbing, Aikido, Juggling, Tandem cycling, and Unicycling, as soon as I can buy
one. Age: 26

A friend introduced me to unicycling years ago. He lent me his unicycle for a
few months, and I slowly learnt to ride it by the usual method of bouncing it
frequently off the ground, or any other nearby object. Actually, I did most of
my learning in the corridor outside my office. It was just a little wider then
my outstretched arms, so I would bounce from wall to wall until I either reached
the end or fell off.

Eventually I could ride a couple of hundred meters without falling, turn around
at will, and do free-standing starts, but then I had to give it back.

I’m interested again since I started juggling more seriously. I can do almost
all the standard 3-ball tricks, can juggle 4 balls in 2 patterns (almost), and
am close to succeeding with 5 balls. Doing all of the above on a unicycle would
be awesome!

However, the only unicycles I have found in New Zealand are cheap Taiwanese (?)
models with non-brand name plastic wheels. They don’t seem that they would last
till Christmas. I hunting around for a used one, with no success at present, and
ma eventually import one. DM seems to have a good solid one for about 150
pounds. I anyone has one for sale I could be interested.


Mike "proud owner of a Zerocycle… " Camilleri