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What’s your name? Sheryl

Where do you come from? Melbourne, Australia

What is your experience of unicycling?
Been trying to learn for quite a few years off and on but never nailed it. In the 8 month lockdown this year I gave it a really good go with someone else for 30 mins to an hour each time, got away from the wall on I I chat advice but still not progressing much. Got really frustrated and am on a break at the moment.

Didn’t help that they are now riding the streets, bunny hopping, free mounting, starting and stopping, the continuing riding etc etc.

I have 2 unis - a Viscount and a, both 20”.


Hi @Circusgrrl, welcome to!

Feel free to ask for advice in #riding-advice if needed! There are many experts here. :slight_smile:

how are you practicing? You should prolly try along a fence or wall first, just to get used to the feeling and get over the fear of falling backwards. Then once you manage to make pedalstrokes without touching the wall, you can focus getting away from it. You can’t learn uni in one day and comes with a lot of frustration, but once you then make your 10 metres or ever more, it will give great satisfaction for managing that far. Just keep at it and don’t give up. Im convinced that anybody can do it.