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Just saying G’day from Australia. New to Unicycling and about to purchase a Torker/DRS to learn on…but 20" or 24", that;s the question.

Hi prozac, welcome to the forums. I have the 20", 24" & 26" DRS unicycles. My son (tall 9 yr old) flips between the 20 and the 24. I tried to start on the 26 but found it a bit daunting. That is what led to getting the 24. I didn’t care for the 20. I found it too wobbly for my taste. I do like the 24 quite a bit, though I’m still very much a beginner. As for the quality of the DRS unicycles, I think they are quite nice. BMX International (the importers) confirmed that they are re-branded Torkers. I only ride on smooth surfaces and a bit of grass in the parks so I’m not the one to give any advice on more challenging riding. Might be good if you were to let the members know what your plans are with unicycling. From what I read there is a wealth of information out there depending on what you want to do.

All the best.

Thanks for the insight Uni. It is my wife who has asked for the unicycle, but of-course I think I will be getting my bum on the seat whenever I can too. :wink:
24" is the direction I was leaning for the reasons you mention. We want to be able to do some distance on it, to the shops etc and definitely won’t be down the skate ramp trying tricks. I can see if this works for us we would perhaps be investing in a larger uni for each of us.
BTW we are in our 50’s.

My looking has centered around the Torker/DRS uni in the basic Solo Expert range and there is quite a range of pricing between those advertised online. None of the retailers seem to know their product or able to offer advice on unicycles at all. That is not quite true, the shop at Morisset has had the most knowledge and pricing not bad either. Someone suggested the 24" Club Freestyle from as an alternative. Will pull the trigger shortly.

Ours are the Solo Pro variety as shown here. These are equivilent to the Torker LX line, the Solo Expert is like the Torker CX. In my opinion the Solo Pro is worth the extra few dollars as it has a nicer seat and better seatpost clamp. If you search the forum for opinions re: Torker LX vs Torker CX you will find most prefer the LX (DRS Solo Pro). If it’s any help I paid $160 AUD for the DRS Solo Pro 24" at the local bike shop in mid-January this year. I had spoken to several people at online shops and did quite a bit of reading before having ours ordered in to the shop. Saved on shipping as well. They are easy to put together if you are mechanically inclined.

If you have a bike shop near by you might ask them to order you one in. They come from BMX International and many of the shops already deal with them for bikes and parts.

Glad to hear there are some more new riders in (or near) the Nan and Pop stage of life. Good on ya!!


i reckon it might ward off dementia as well. :slight_smile:

lQUOTE]If it’s any help I paid $160 AUD for the DRS Solo Pro 24" at the local bike shop in mid-January
That is a really good price! I have been concideingthe Club Freestyle for the very reason of a better seat and Aluminium Rim. It is $160 but you need to add $20 for post. The DRS Pro at that price gets you a ChMolly frame and alloy cranks as well. I can’t see what the rim material is.
I tried to giving the sale to a local business. They don’t carry stock and wanted $160 for the Solo Expert. Phtttttt. You can try and do the right thing.
Do you mind telling me who you bought yours through? You can pm or email me.

I dropped in to the Northern Beaches Unicycle Club (NBUC) Monday night meet at Curl Curl last night. It is run by an enthusiastic bloke (Charlie) who sat me on his 24" uni for sizing and a brief lesson. lol. There were around 30 members there last night of all ages whizzing around on 20" unis like they were extensions of their anatomy. All very friendly. Looks like a bunch of fun but it would mean buying a 2nd 20" uni to participate.

Welcome to one wheel!

You will need both! Just go for it. We’re else will you both get as many hours of fun for the price?


I think you may be right teamUni. This all started out looking for a uni for my wife. Now I can see it turning into a monster as I will need one or two as well to keep up.

I thought I only needed 2 when I bought mine. It wasn’t long before the 2 turned into 3 and I know there are many here who have several in many styles and sizes. They seem to breed.:slight_smile:

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