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I thought I might introduce myself as I am a new member on this site. My name is Eamonn, I’m 15 and I am from NSW Australia. I learnt how to ride my first uni about 2 years ago, I was really into it for the first couple of month, then started to loose interest. However in the last couple of weeks I have began to once again become interested in unicycling. Now I can’t go a few hours without hopping on my uni its so addictive!

I am still learning, I currently have a Nimbus II setup but I am getting the Nimbus trails for christmas. I am not the best, but I hope to continue to further my skills. I can do most of the mounts (jump, suicide, wrap around, kick up etc.) but hardly any other tricks.

I also have a 3 wheeled unicycle witch is about 6-7ft tall, (currently making a new video in which all share when done). All I can o on that is ride and sort of idle :|.

Anyway I hope to learn some new stuff by being a member of this site. Hope to hear from you soon.


Welcome. Looking forward to the video.

one more of us, one less of them

welcome to the forums.