New member with new (used) unicycle questions

Hello, I have been following the forum for a while but finally made an account. I recently bought a used unicycle and the guy selling it didn’t seem to know much information about it. I know it is a trials frame but UDC doesn’t seem to sell this exact setup. The previous owner said he put the Odyssey twist pedals on it and also bought a Kris Holmes (fusion?) seat.

It has a 20x2.5 white impact trials tire.

It seems to have 140 mm cranks (ISIS).

I am mostly wondering about the frame. It seems to have the same square crown frame as the Impact reagent street unicycle. Was this frame available several years ago on a different unicycle setup? Any information about the frame or this setup would be appreciated. Been riding it for 2 days now and so far liking it a lot.

It is an Impact Reagent frame. The Reagent can be built as a trials, or flatland uni. For the most part “street” riders use trials uni’s, and the only real difference with flatland is the larger rim diameter.

Awhile back there was a big push by riders to resurect round crown frames for trials due to knee bashing. At the time the KH20 was about the closest you could get to a round crown. This was before Impact started, but I would guess that the Reagent was offered as a square crown option for whatever reason.

I have one with a flatland wheelset, and it is a super nice uni. I think you’ll be really happy with it.

Strong setup!

Jtrops pretty much got it…

I was wondering where in Ontario are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the information very helpful :slight_smile:

Can I bother to ask which tire setup you are running? I already find the Impact Trial tire to be too beefy for everyday riding. I seemed to have read that I probably have a 19" rim which doesn’t have too many options for tires?

If you are looking for something smaller to fit your rim you are SOL. If you wanted you could stick a standard 20" wheel in your frame but I would just ride what you got unless you need something very specific.

If the tire is a bit too “slow” for you you can always increase the air pressure for a more responsive wheel that feels more like a standard 20"

Jaco_flans: I live in the Niagara region. In between Hamilton and Niagara Falls. I see you live in QC/Ottawa city area. I was there for Canada day this summer … very nice part of Canada!

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

I think I saw your reply to a similar question from a while ago so that is why I already knew I was pretty much stuck. Like you mentioned in an earlier post as the tread wears down it will become a little smoother and I could shave off the outer nubs

Like you suggested just now I could increase the air pressure a bit which would definitely help. Mostly it is just an adjustment from riding the 20" club with 30-45 psi. The trials tire takes extra effort to get moving but much easier to balance so it is a trade off.

I have that frame too, with a non-trials 20" Kris Holm flatland rim on mine. must have a good supply of the frames because they’ve been sold in many variations, maybe whenever they had a stock of parts in the warehouse they needed to get rid off.

You could always…: