New member of the 2 wheels club

I Just went out and got a Trek Bruiser today for a good deal, Now I just have to learn how to ride it and then bomb the city.

Mine is slightly different, only one cog in the front with bash and a few small upgrades.

Re: New member of the 2 wheels club

Dude, I hope your’re ready for some rough times. I hear two wheelers take a long time to learn to ride.

BTW: How good a deal did you get?


Hey checkernuts! Man your crazy are you gonna ride THAT!?
It looks impossible!..
People are gonna point and laugh and call you names now…

mybe you shouldn’t be so different:p

What keeps it from just falling over sideways?:smiley:

Your so right, I went out on an Iron Lung Allycat Race here in pittsburgh and everyone was like Whats the Extra Wheel for looser. Man this is the last time I buy anything with 2 wheels.