New member intro

What’s your name? Andy

Where do you come from? Rochester, NY, USA

What is your experience of unicycling? Road one in the 1970s and 1980s. never was able to stall or go backwards. Sold off the wheel when I opened my bike shop.


Welcome Andy.

Hope that you will enjoy getting back on the wheel again (on top and not behind it !).

Are you planning to do some riding on the road? Gravel? Dirt? Snow?

You’ve made it to the right place, welcome! We were just having a discussion about why no one is making steel uni frames, then three days later here you are :blush:

Here’s the link to the discussion I mentioned…

Hey Andy! I’m in Rochester too. Still running the bike shop?

I’m officially retired from Full Moon Vista. Still have some tools on loan there and will likely fill in a few days next year. Andy

Oh cool! I’ve been recommended Full Moon Vista many times, though I’ve yet to visit. What kind of riding do you do? I got into very gentle muni last year, hoping to get back on the trails at some point…

My bicycle riding is mostly road with some path links. A lot of out of the house 25-45 miles loops, some multi day tours, use to commute on nice days, use to do a lot more with the Rochester Bicycling Club then these days.

I have a Monty trials bike but don’t really do more than hop about in the driveway:) The MtB sees nearly only dirt just not very often. I suspect the unicycle will be the same, a toy to play with. For now a fun project to make. Andy

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Well when the weather gets better, let’s do some mtb or some gentle muni. I haven’t gotten a chance get to know the cycling folks here yet.

Welcome. It’s nice to see unicyclists from that area. I’m very interested in the Erie canal trail and I’m planning a bike ride from Buffalo to Rochester and back next year. I’m looking to stay in bed and breakfasts in Medina and Rochester, Do you have any good advise?

I have a friend with tour group leading experience in this area, I’ll ask them. Andy


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