New member: brief intro

Hi everyone,
I’ve been lurking for a few weeks and I plan on participating in some discussion, so I thought I should introduce myself. I’m 37, and have been riding for about 5 months. I bought a freestyle 24" last November from Darren Bedford (very helpful guy!), but didn’t make a serious effort to learn until this spring. I have two young girls (2 and 4) and they love watching and chasing me. I’m now commuting to work occasionally (when I’m awake enough to handle the morning ride), and riding regularly most evenings for 30-45 minutes. I’m currently working on idling. I guess the next step will be going backwards, and I’m eager to do some hopping… the list goes on. I really like the idea of a BIG wheel… I can already see a Coker in my future. The great thing about this sport is the constant challenge, and the unicycling community seems to be dominated by interesting people.

Chris Beauchemin
Victoria, BC

Re: New member: brief intro

hey with a name like this you’re born to enjoy
beautiful rides!


P.S to those of you who are french-handicaped the name means “beautiful trail” (or path)

Nice to meet you Chris.

Indeed. :slight_smile:

Re: New member: brief intro

good to have ya!

u dont know the half of it

KnowFear wrote:

Really? I haven’t noticed that (HA HA HAA!). Just read through some posts like Most Replys or anything like that and you’ll see how strange we really are. But would you expect from people who like to balance on one wheel when there is lots more easier things to do.
Welcome and keep posting frequently and read through some older post. They contain heaps of information on tricks and equipment.

Welcome to the sport and to this list.

I would love to get together with you sometime for a ride. Send me a PM (personal message). I’m 33 and just started this year as well.

-Mandell Degerness

Goos to have you here!
If you’re practicing 30 to 45 min. a day, you’ll be able to do the tricks you’re talking about in no time!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions; a lot of questions you can find answers to using the search function, but if you can’t find the answer, there’s plenty of us who have gone through the same situations that you have.
So have fun both on and off the net!

Hi Chris, quit kidding yourself and get a Coker already!

Hi Chris,
Freestyle and cokering are the best! The best way to get to know people is to come to Nationals. By the way, my name is Ryan.

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile: