New Member - Aspiring Unicycle Rider

What’s your name? Bill

Where do you come from? North Carolina, USA

What is your experience of unicycling? New - cannot yet ride a unicycle!

Welcome @19tarheel69 - keep practicing and you’ll get there!

Welcome @19tarheel69 to the one wheeled world of

Not many of us learned to walk in one day so try not to expect to learn to pedal a unicycle a few revolutions in one day.

If you listen to all the “experts” you may become throughly confused and frustrated. I find that I usually like advise I agree with. You might be similar.

I tell people learning to ride the unicycle it’s real similar to learning to walk. Think about how toddlers learn to walk. You’ll be facing those same issues.

Everyone who has successfully learned to unicycle kept trying to learn. Many of us gave up a few times. But we can now reap the benefits of many falls along the way and became unicyclist!

Your turn!


Welcome to the forum. I am guessing from your username, you were born in 1969. If so, we are just about the same age. What a great time to start unicycling! It will keep your reflexes sharp and your body in shape. Keep us posted on your progress!

Welcome on this forum! Where are you in NC? My in-laws live there and we visit once a year - except this year but 2020’s been nothing like usual - and I have two unis there. There’s a couple of riders in the state and try to have a group ride when I’m in town with miss wife.

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