New Maxxis Minion 26 x 4.8!

Having a blast riding the Nimbus Oregon with the new Super FAT Maxxis Minion that’s almost 5 inches W I D E ! To say it rolls over everything in its path is an understatement, haha! I was expecting it to feel sluggish and self steer, but there was none of that, and it’s surprisingly fast and very responsive. A little sand riding at the end. No music in this one, just to the sounds of nature and the fat tire.


As you know, PSI is determined by the weight of the rider, which is a big factor. For example, someone who weighs 140 lb (me) might do just fine with a PSI of 10 to 12, but someone weighing 180 lbs would require more PSI to prevent riding issues, including possibly bottoming out on the rim. It might also depend on the type and width of the rim and, of course, the terrain. But any tire with insufficient air-pressure will be very difficult to control and will not respond well to rider input. My main objective is to dial in PSI that works best for me for each situation.


Hi, how wide is that rim Terry (@UniGeezer)?

@unimyra I think it is a Surly Large Marge rim, thus 65 mm.


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