New Max Altitude record!

I’ve been training for some 24 hour races and set a new record (for me) climbing today. It was 3 laps of my regular Muni training ride which is 10.26 miles round trip each way with 2278’ climbing on the way up and 192’ climbing on the way back. I had done 2 laps a couple of times but never 3. The rides totalled 30.8 miles/49.6km with 7410’/2260m of climbing. Here’s a topo map. Total riding time was 6:45. The hardest part was mental because it was such a hot day today. The temp hit 90F/32C. I took a break of 40 minutes after the first lap and 3 1/2 hours after the second lap - to wait for evening. Of course, the real test will be how my legs feel tomorrow on my 25 mile Coker ride.

I don’t actually know what my previous climbing record was but it was no where near 7400’. Anyone have an even more crazy day they did? I think there was a Dutch guy who did 3 laps on a pass in the Alps which totalled more gain - something like 3000m? Kris and I did over 16,700’ of elevation change in a day a couple of year ago - I was sore for 7 days after that one.


Wow! That’s epic.

That looks like about an 8% plus grade for 5 miles on a dirt road. I wouldn’t consider that an easy climb.

I’m going to have to do some sort of an epic again when the snow clears from the trails. Hopefully soon. Ideally I’d like to time it so that the wildflowers are in bloom.

Nice going Nathan, send some of that hot weather this way. We had more fresh snow on the ground yesterday. As far as total climbing in a one ride, 8000’ is awesome. I’ve been around there a couple of times with top riding altitude of 14,000’ elevation. This summer I hope to go over 10,000 up and 10,000 down on one ride through the Central Rockies, want to join me? Congrats on your ride, and good luck on the upcoming 24 hr races.

Wow, that’s a huge amount of climbing! I think the most I ever did was about 1000-1200m over 50km at the Karapoti Classic (and most of that climbing involved scrambling uphill on foot).

Haven’t been able to do much hillwork- working in Masterton at the moment which is boringly flat. I have been doing multi-laps of a big sports field with really long grass- awesome workout- the rolling resistance is unreal.

On the weekend I went home to Wellington and rode up this 2km grassy/rocky/4wd track down the road from my house- I’ve been using it as a time trial to gauge my fitness for many years. Did 8:13 on my unicycle. My best ever on my Mountainbike was 7:29 (which I set when I was racing the National series) so I was stoked that I came so close on the 29’er!

Tried out my lightstix on the wheel yesterday- I’ll bring some spare in case you want to light up your wheel. I’m also rigging up a Blaster gun (or at least just the internal bits) to shoot other cyclists with at the Moonride :stuck_out_tongue: .

Seeya soon,


Nathan, that’s just amazing. I don’t even really have a way to put that in perspective…I think the longest single climb I’ve done is the one this year at CA Muni Auburn day from the river up to the top of the valley. So should I basically think about riding that hill 7.5 times in a row? Ouch!

By the end of this summer I’d like to feel comfortable with 2-3 thousand feet. Your single day record is safe, at least from me.


Awesome record, Nathan.

Good luck in NZ on your solo effort and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !