New Marathon in Germany

9th July 2017 - Lausitzer Seenland 100

in Großräschen.
Start: 09:01 (Full Marathon), 13:11 (Half Marathon)

More informations (german) at

Registration at:

People should be able to do the full bicycle marathon for half price if they only use half a bike!

But we have double the fun ;):smiley:

Here’s the announcement:

The time keepers of the Europamarathon were so fascinates of us unicyclists that they want us to start at their other marathons too. So the next marathon will be on 9th July 2017 in Großräschen (A13, between Cottbus and Dresden). At the Lausitzer Seenland 100 we are allowed to race the half marathon distance (21,1km) as well as the full marathon distance (42,2km). Start for the half marathon is 01:11 pm, for the full marathon you’ll have to get up earlier, it stars at 09:01 am. On both distances there will be the two separated classes standard and unlimited, age groups will be formed depending on how much unicyclists register in each class. The registration fee is 25€ / 30€, registration ends on 3rd July.

Find more information on the event (german) at:

Registration is at:

As always: the rules oft the IUF apply.

Too far for Frenchie’s !

10 days ago at 2nd Rennes unicycle marathon, I discussed with Sam who is the organizer of this recent event. Maybe the optimum would be to have a marathon close to French and German custom in order to maximize the number of participants (we were 50 at Rennes for both half and marathon, last edition at Dusseldorf we were about 90 if I’m right)

What is your opinion ?

That would be really nice. The unicyclists at Düsseldorf are still trying to organize a marathon n their region.

In Görlitz we hat participants from Poland, Czech, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia.