New Mailing List

Hi. As the vote to create rec.unicycling failed, I thought I’d just create a
mailing list for anyone who wanted to be on it.

You voted for the creation of the newsgroup, so I put your name on the mailing
list. If you want off, please let me know.

The relevant addresses for this mailing list are:

Mail sent to this address will be forwarded to everyone on the mailing list.

Mail sent to this address will be forwarded to whoever is looking after the
mailing list. That’s me for now, but may not be for too long.

I am not planning to archive the material sent to the mailing list, or to have
ftp stuff available or anything else like that. If others want to, that would be
great. A lot of that sort of thing could be done. I already spend too much time
doing that sort of thing for rec.juggling.

Hopefully this mailing list can be like the early days of the juggling list. At
least for a while. I am not planning to advertise it on the net or elsewhere. Of
course if other people want to sign up then that’s fine.

These are just my opinions. I’d like to keep this group small and good. If you
feel like telling the world about it, you can.

My main concerns are
1) that moocow doesn’t get swamped with a mailing list of hundreds and
hundreds of people who couldn’t be bothered to vote for a newsgroup, and
2) that I don’t have to spend any time thinking about organizing this thing.

Terry Jones.

I think that Moocow has a great idea! We should start a mailing list! That way, unicyclists around the world can keep in touch! :wink: