New Lowe's commercial with UniGeezer

Here’s a New Lowe’s commercial: “Fedora Twins!” Had lots of fun being in this. It’s now playing nationwide on TV and Cable. :slight_smile:

Well done! Made me laugh.

very funny, nicely done!

That’s a fun ad. I can see how fun it was :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! Good work!

That’s a great commercial! Congrats on the exposure.


Very Good.

Very Cool!

A Star is Born!

you’re the man! Funny!

Haha, awesome! Makes me want to wear a fedora, lol

Looks like a fun gig.

I’m no American so please excuse my slight confusion, so the guy takes of the fedora because it is not cool to be associated with a unicyclist, or does he realize that he needs to do something more impressive than paint a room to rock a fedora?

Cool Ad. Don’t know about the colour of that room, but the hat is pretty groovy. Especially on a unicyclist.

Fun twist at the end of a very conventional ad, good for you to be the twist!

Did you get to keep the hat? :slight_smile:

The way i get it is that the paint-guy is afraid to be ridiculed because he is associated with a unicyclist. Its the way Terry says it and the Obvious joy that make it an inside joke for unicyclist. The hat turns into a clowns nose.

i wonder if this was intentinional

Awesome, but I found it offensive to the uni world as well. Not that Terry had anything to do with the script. But if the painter would have said “Well the hat is not enough, I’ll need to learn to ride a unicycle as well” That would have been a better ending.

But my hat’s off to you Terry for landing this commercial!

Thanks for the comments. Here are a couple more I found posted about the commercial:

<To the “offended”: The commercial’s tagline is “Build your home improvement confidence”; ipso facto, a fedora-wearing unicyclist is a heightened state of confidence that few have achieved. We are a community full of confident people.>

<The commercial also does a nice job of turning the tables. Too often, us unicyclists are on the receiving end of unsolicited comments (“Where’s your other wheel?” and its tired ilk). This time, it’s payback.>

Hahaha so cool!! I hope they keep you as a regular as what Flo has done for Progressive!

Hmm… I see a guy who gains the confidence to wear a fedora but then changes his mind because he doesn’t want to be like the wacky guy on the unicycle.

I think Terry should have said nothing, the two should have high-fived, and then what Strokin99 said:

I feel bad saying it, because Terry’s a unicycle rockstar, but from my point of view this commercial perpetuates the dorky view of unicycling. I hope I’m wrong and we won’t all be hearing “FEDORA TWINS!” every time we ride down the street. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Another foreigner in need of help: So why exactly does it take confidence to don a fedora? (And why does he take it off? Lack of confidence because… he realizes he’d be a poor rip-off of Terry’s character? Or because he doesn’t want to be associated with Terry’s character, who’s over the top?? … ???) BTW, would you say “xy twins” whenever you meet someone who wears the same xy clothes as you, or is that some part of the joke/character?

Sorry, I know explaining kills all humor… I’d just like to understand the connotation…

And yes, it still made me chuckle, Terry’s character’s just too great! :slight_smile:

You don’t get it guys, the dude gives up on the fedora because he realizes that he’s nowhere as cool as Terry, no matter how much paint he’s spreading on his walls! :smiley: