New low price KH source!

'07 KH Muni $487 here:

That’s almost $100 less thn UDC, and it appears that they are in stock.:slight_smile: A check of AE bikes shows zero KH unis available.:frowning:

that is cheap, i’ll have to remember that site if i ever decide to get a kh.

UDC is the only place i have seen the kh29 with ajustable crank length and a choice of tire.

Unfortunately all the KHs are of stock at the moment…:frowning:

"Available Soon

Sorry, ‘Kris Holm 24’’ Mountain Unicycle,’ is currently out of stock. Please check back later or email Bikeman for an expected in stock date. Refer to shipping terms for more information."

Not true! I just bought a KH20 from Bedford. He has GREAT service.


I think he meant the Bikeman website.

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I haven’t done the footwork myself for this site, but I’d recommend someone check the BBB listing for the company before making a purchase. I’ve had bad experiences with cut-rate stores before…

Sounds legit to me.

How much was it from him?

470-ish? with shipping to my house he quoted 510.

I just ordered KH20 from Darren on Monday to console myself for not going to NAUCC. He said he would give me a final price when shipped from MI at NAUCC to save money. I concur that he is a very nice person and extremely helpful. I feel a little guilty since my LBS couldn’t get it since UDC was out of stock.

He told me “around” $485 US without shipping. He had them in stock on Monday, not sure how many he will have after NAUCC.