New-look website and IMBA stuff.

Okie chaps
I’ve finally sorted my new-look website it’s up at the same place:

hopefully it should work across browsers etc.

let me know what you think.

On IMBA matters - If any of you have any trail thoughts etc then let me know.
At the moment the IMBA UK is compiling a list of sites where people would like them to take action and either build trails or campaign for the right to be able to ride land.
If you can think of any (In the UK) then let me know and I’ll pass it on.

The link on the message didn’t work; it goes to a page that says it doesn’t exist. However, the link on your signature did work. Were they supposed to be the same like?


hmm, intrigueing. yes they’re meant to be the same.

it should read

funnily enough.

oh - well, the photo section ain’t working, nuts.

back to the drawing board

I’m using the latest version of the world’s most widely used browser. Your page runs off the right side and bottom of the browser window, and there is no scrollbar! Remember, much of the world is still viewing the Web at 800 x 600. It doesn’t mean I am, but I keep my browser that size for desining purposes. Don’t assume your viewers have big monitors or keen eyes…

I operate at work with two 17" monitors at 1024 x 768. Apparently this is still not big enough!

I’m running 1024x768 and it runs off the right side of the page too. You just need to turn on the scroll bars for your main.htm frame. Or you could set the col widths using percentages instead of pixels.

Also, the navigation inside of the wheel is hard to read.

I designed my web site in 1024x768 and it looks good, but when I view it at a lower res, it looks like crap with the scroll bars. I really should go back and fix mine so it looks better in 800x600.

cheers… Mojoe

It looks fine to me at 1600x1200!

when you go to external links it opens them up in the frame, it’d be nicer if it either opened them in a new window, or opened them in the whole window.


Just need to add “target=”_blank" to the link, then it’ll open it in a new window.


Or more precisely…

Impressive grammar… :slight_smile: