New Long Jump Worldrecord

I am proud to announce that Rocco Schulz made a new worldrecord at the
1st Württemberg-Cup in Stuttgart Germany. He beat the old record which was 2.8 in an incredible 2.9m long jump the competition was strictly after the iuf rules.


awesome, congrats!
thats a reallylong jump, I believe it, but is there a better video that shows the actual takeoff and landing points? that video is a little crappy…

That was huge! He cleared the landing stick by a lot to.

How exactly do the official rules work, is it 290cm from the takeoff line to the landing line? Because if it is it looked like he went way farther then that.

Wow! He must’ve lined up perfectly right at the start line (just prior to the jump), in order to get the take off so precise! Fantastic!:smiley: I wonder how many attempts riders got to break the record? My guess is three.

i believe its set up like athletics, the sticks are set 2.9m apart and if you clear them you get 2.9, regardless of how much further you got. I’m surprised he didn’t go further, looks like he could have cleared 3m.

That’s one hell of a clearance!

And I love how people sound when they cheer in slow-motion.

wow, thats massive!

Did he rack himself? He looks in pain after the jump. Great jump though.

Grats Rocco! You should be very proud of your achievement. I wish you luck and stronger performances later to push the edge of our sport even more in the future.

Now we got to get skrobo pimped up to try get the title for the pride of America. It would be a great match to see.

the video that loaded the first time was only the top half of what i saw the second time, i guess it was a glitch, but i just saw the top half of the wheel up.

up for a long jump competition? lol

The 2008 Guinness Book of Records lists David Weichenberger with a jump of 2.95m I think. Don’t know if that followed IUF rules though.

Very impressive, Rocco! Well done!

Keep it wheel.

That’s totally awesome. :slight_smile:

The distance is measured from the front of the first stick to the rear of the second. It looked to me to be almost as optimal a jump as you can get. If he was 1cm later launching the front stick would have moved and there wasn’t much room to spare at the other end either (possibly 5cm?)

Note that to clear the rear stick requires you landing quite a bit forward of the stick as the tyre compression on landing is so great. Watch the video closely and you will see that although the axle is well forward of the rear stick, the contact patch of the tyre is massive (about 50cm) so your axle needs to be about 25cm to 30cm forward of the stick when landing.

cant scrobo do 3 m

Yes, I have even heard ten, but those did not follow the rules that this jump did.

not proven on video, but yes (the one i did on video is 2.937m or something like that…7cm isn’t much farther…)
i don’t know if i can jump as far as he did, that was at least 10 feet. 2.9m is 9’7" or something like that, he cleared that by a foot… yeah…

Ok so all this chatter about longjumps, which are awesome, but let’s get some expert advice on HOW to accomplish long rolling hops. Like methodology and such.

heh, its all practice
form comes with experience… doing them a lot gives you better form, i do them constanly over sidewalk cracks, benches, even if they are small i do them ALL THE TIME… thats the key right there…

How much weight roccos unicycle ???
Will be rocco jump longer with a lighter unicycle like KH or Koxx ?? :sunglasses: