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Some of you may have noticed that the landing page for has changed. has always been a progressive company moving with the times. This year we are proud to announce a new company Logo that will appear on all of the companies’ websites located across the globe in 11 different countries. The logo will be shown in many forms over the network, integrating with each countries website and company styles, so instantly helping people recognise the country they are connected to while also showing that we are all part of the big family.

This new logo shows the progressive nature of an expanding company. The unicycle image in the logo is outside in a natural setting to show that unicycling is a sport for everyone at any age level. The mountains show that riding a unicycle can be done any where; whether it is on the street, on the mountain trails and in a gymnasium. The road shows the unicycle moving forward to go out and have some fun! This logo provides greater versatility for advertising and produces a clearer image in the portrayal of what the sport of unicycling has progressed to for the company as a whole.

UDC USA small.jpg

Roger - nice one! I think the new logo looks really great and the message is good too.


By the way, I bet the Australians like the fact that you put them at the top. =)


Thanks Kris,

I tired to put one of the logos up and it failed. So it would have been nicer if I had succeeded. :-S



I like the mountains in the logo :slight_smile:

Great logo UDC,

I can almost see Aspen Mike at the peak.

Great logo.

I sent you a PM with some suggestions for website optimization for the new landing page.


Aaah you spelt New Zealand wrong in the landing page!

Otherwise: Nice logo :slight_smile:

The UK is also spelt incorrectly.

Ha, that is Nick for you with Spelling… he got a kick for that one. It is right now. :slight_smile:

Nice logo Roger but till no French version :roll_eyes:

I’m looking forward to a new bumper sticker.

image is not attached.

Australia FTW! :stuck_out_tongue: hehe, i really like the look of the new logo and landing page :smiley: Thanks Roger

I like the concept. It strongly shows as one company.

Yet I have a few small suggestions if I may:

  • Move the country name next to each logo that is not on a corner, somewhat towards "the pole" (i.e.upwards for C, C, U and U, downwards for G, H, K and N), and at the same time a tad inwards to keep the distance to "their" logo the same. As it is, the text "Canada" (as an example) is as close to the Canada logo as it is to the Costa Rica logo, this creates some confusion. This move should also counteract the visual tendency of the sides of the diamond to curve inward. Because as it is the logos are arranged in straight lines, but the texts are not.
  • The cranks of the uni in the logo are a tad long to my taste. It looks now most like a MUni but even for MUni the cranks seem long. If they are somewhat shorter, the unicycle could both be a MUni and a 36", which better conveys the stated idea the "riding a unicycle can be done anywhere".