New Little Video

We had a bunch of little clips piling up so i figured i’d make a little video. Let me know what you think. Theres a normal version (7.4MB) and a smaller version (3MB). Theyre both WMV.

-erik :slight_smile:

great video! its pretty on par with the quality of most videos. this is good but also means that it doesnt stand out among others. keep up the riding!

It’s great to have your own video. This one doesn’t stand out, not many do. But it is a huge source of pride to have some of your riding in a nicely edited video. I have several of my own that my friend has made for me. It’s nowhere as good as most of the others online, including this one, but I still like them.

Anyway, nice vid. Keep them coming, you’ll surprise yourself at how much better you get in each.


Awesome, thanks for sharing! I loved the gaps between the posts and that ride up the grinding ledge. It was all very controlled. I personally thought it stood out from a lot of the other videos I’ve seen.


Hey, thanks guys. I dont really think its outstanding either. I think thats a fair comment. Its fun though, as daniel said.

I’m new to the video thing. Im really starting to like it alot, though. Its fun to think about what tricks will look good and how to film them.

Thanks for the compliments andrew. You’re always a very supportive dude :smiley: . I wanna get some more shots of those post things. Take a look at this lil beast:
haha. I get so shaky and hoppy when the camera is on me lol. I cant write that fall off as the camera’s fault though. :slight_smile:

Nice! That’s an interesting crank/pedal (I couldn’t tell) grab technique.


Its called a crap grab. I made it up myself. haha

“on par” with the quality of most videos? heck, i enjoyed it enough to watch it twice :slight_smile:


Its cool to see someone whos about at the same level as me but just a bit better. It helps a lot to know what you should be doing.

cool video, it’s not on par with the other vids… it’s a birdie! Good interesting places and very solid riding. Would’ve liked to see the rest of the nasty bail at the end!


Agreed. Is that spelled right?