New little vid part on thrusday.

Do you like Unicycling? Do you like watching unicycling? Do you sleep with your unicycle? If you’ve answered two outta these three things you’ve wasted your time.

Yo, Jerad Glatt, Shaun Johanneson (Myself, muhaha), and Keaton Miller will have alittle vid together alittle after thrusday of thrusday’s riding. Should be good. I just wanted to promote for the sake of promoting. (I’ve taken some movie classes and one of the best things you can do is promote your movie early to increase viewings.) You’ll see: Jerad Glatts doubleflip, (maybe down somethings), and others, Shaun Johanneson’s Hickdoubleflip, (Maybe down somethings), and others, and Keaton Miller just ripping the hell outta whatever we can find. Should be radical! Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. i’ve spelt thursday wrong. haha. that’s so funny. wow I should slow down alittle bit. ha

cant wait to watch. sound real impressive.


That is some wicked promotion campaign…
Can’t wait to see it…

Winnie the Pooh once had a very philisophical debate about the spelling of Tuesday.
consider yourself in great company.

I answered three out of three!

So did I.

Shaun…what about Kyla? I know she can ride like no other…I might come up there and ride Thursday if you don’t mind.


Ha, Kyla, yeah i’ll put her in, ;). The bad news is I hurt my hand I ride with so I’m not sure how i’ll perform. Hopefully it’s good. OH yeah Kelly you’re welcome up here. lol Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

Isn’t Oklahoma like…a long ways away from…North Dakota?

So when can we expect this Thrusday bonanza?

It an’t that far…:wink:


I also answered three out of three but i don’t sleep with my unicycle all the time

ooo. sounds nice, ill be waiting.

Expect it the day after. Friday should be good. lol. Thursday will be riding for the most part, then I’ll edit the footage either that night or the day after. Should be good. Maybe one or two bangers, laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

bangers = huge tricks

UPDATE: Kelly Hickman will also be in this vid. Just some shots of his sickness. It will work out. Will be great, thanks Kelly. laters
-Shaun Johanneson

quadruple flip?? and i know i spelt it wrong but its early.


A fourflip hmmm. Unlikely for me for awhile, lol, sorry. Would be awesome though. Maybe a triple but don’t get your hopes up, lol. Some sweet little runs and I really “hopefully” feel good movie. Just hanging out with a lot of riding in it. Kinda the same style as KFC showdown. Laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

Shaun Johanneson on

Shaun was so kind to offer us the possibility to stream all his videos in the movie Channel on up from now.

Thanks Shaun :wink:

Keep on flipping

Im going to be in the vid?

Ha, thanks Shaun for putting me in. Even though I won’t add much great riding. LOL.


I thought you did a triple crankflip in your video where you’re hanging on that basketball hoop sideways.