New lingo/jargon suggestion

Holy crap!
Stop it!
Stop it right now!
We don’t have to be geeks, do we?
oh wait, we ride unicycles.
my bad.
rage on against the dying esotericism! RAGE ON!

oh, and “butt cheek”, kiss kiss! schmoochipie!!!
(thought you might be lonely)



Hey ashead!
That’s MY pie!



By the way, John Foss, Fringe-baby! Fringe!

2 parts lemon vodka

1 part cointreau

1 part cranberry juice

chick drink? maybe.

spelled ASS wrong earlier.
so sorry.

Dude, you are SO not not cool. PIE? Really!

wait, strike one “NOT” please. Thank you

holy cow!
Am I posting all by myself?

Would that be called “posterbation”

G’head, skidmark. Say it.

A useful link

I think I’m Blind!

Re: New lingo/jargon suggestion

> If you want to abbreviate “unicycle,” I recommend “uni.” Don’t
> abbreviate if you’re talking with people who don’t already know what
> you’re talking about. That’s why my event T-shirts always say
> “California Mountain Unicycle Weekend,” not “MUni Weekend.” MUni
> Weekend will not start a conversation or interest a person who
> doesn’t know what it means. I’m all about spreading unicycling.

Well argued, though I’ll note “Yikes!” is now far and away my favorite
exclamation of surprise.

And here, at least, abbreviate it any way you want, people will get it. :wink:

Qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.
–Flavius Vegetius Renatus

Pie police! That’s a “rad 3 pie rad spin”, son!

John Childs, not cool? I know John Childs and he’s THIS cool:


That’s cool!

For all you pie lovers

Re: New lingo/jargon suggestion

On Sat, 1 Mar 2003 05:21:21 -0600, phil
<> wrote:

>‘A useful link’ (

That wasn’t nice! Fatguygoesuphill just wanted to make himself heard
today, or possibly increase his post count. Luckily I just saw a
glimpse of the Ignore List confirmation screen so that I could go and
undo it. Cunningly made link though.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“1,000,000 sperm and YOU were the fastest?”

The Fatguy Ignore Link
I thought the link was quite a good idea. The ignore list is a commonly overlooked feature in forums and chats. I knew what the link was for after holding my mouse over it. In the IE display bar thing at the bottom of the screen it says something about userlist=ignore and I got the hint. I agree that fatguygoesuphill tried to increase his post count. That is an activity more suited to the Spam section. I did not click it because who knows, maybe one day Fatguy will think of something entertaining. Even his name is slightly amusing. It reminds me of the last line in this song :

ARTIST - Jethro Tull
ALBUM - Stand Up
YEAR - 1973

«Fat Man»
Don’t want to be a fat man.
People would think that I was just good fun.
Would rather be a thin man.
I am so glad to go on being one.

Too much to carry around with you.
No chance of finding a woman who…
Will love you in the morning and all the night time too.

Don’t want to be a fat man.
I’ve not the patience to ignore all that.
Hate to admit to myself.
I thought my problems came from being fat.

Won’t waste my time feeling sorry for him.
I see the other side to being thin.
Roll us both down a mountain and I’m sure the fat man would win.

Re: Re: Re: New lingo/jargon suggestion

not even remotely close to being mildly likely

u’ve never seen me create threads trying to convince people to change their way of spelling it tho, have u?

i’m simply the standard bearer for the kewl generation and u’ll do well to join the swelling multitudes before we start checking your tv-watching habits before we allow u to join