New lightweight TA 36er tyre

Thought people would like this - the new TA tyre is apparently lighter than the Nimbus Nightrider :smiley:

Just hoping they haven’t taken all the weight off the tread, because I’ve heard the TA lasts a decently long time right now.

Good news! I’m very happy with my Nimbus Nightrider though (I think the tread in it will last me for a very long time…)

I’m happy with my current TA, but I’ve never ridden a lighter 36er tyre so I have nothing to compare it to. Putting a FOSS tube in made a huge difference to ride quality, so I’d imagine shaving nearly a kg off the tyre would do a world of good too.

I don’t really ride off-road (I’m a bit of a gravel-grinder but that’s about it) so I’ve no need for any more tread than the TA provides :smiley:

Cool, Im in the market for lighter tire:)
PM, do you ride it on really loose gravel? If so hows it perform? My Coker tire with Coker tread does well on it, even though its not knobby but it has big lettered spacing which makes it suprising good for offroads.

Also, I wonder if there’s trade off in a lighter 36er tire, because I sometimes really enjoy the huge rolling momentum when the wheel gets rolling fast. But then again, Im sure you can achieve greater effeciency and ultimately greater distance with lighter tire, not mention, “throw” it around alot easier in muni.

Also, I wonder if the Todd and the Vee tire is from the same company, because when I search for the Todd tire it also directs me to the Vee.

I occasionally ride super-loose gravel, not fallen off yet so I guess that’s a good thing :smiley:

I think the Todd is a Vee Rubber, whereas the TA is made by Qu-Ax. I could be completely wrong here, but UDC UK lists the TA as being made by Qu-Ax (though probably outsourced to a company like Vee :smiley: )

Old Leadwheel really needs to start slimming, so this is excellent news about the new tyre; any news on when it becomes available in US?

This is a really promising thing - my ideal 36 tire would be both slick tread and lighter weight. I’ve got one on the way thanks to, to have a try in time for the 100 mile record attempt.

If the tread pattern and profile is the same as the previous TA tire then it may be possible to drop another 100g or so by trimming down the edge ribs. We’ll see…

Yeah, I really like the slick tread of the TA. The main issue for me is the weight. Let us know how your testing goes!

Qu-Ax weighted the tire:

And hey, when those nubs get worn off, it will weigh even less! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
(Nice to see it come in at or below the advertised weight!)

I have read about folks “shaving” their tire, and this one does indeed have some stubble.

I really liked my TA when I had a 36er. the weights were all over the place back then, and when I weighed mine it came in around 1700grams. At the time it was lighter than the weights many people were posting for the Nightrider tire.

So, my thoughts are that the tire itself hasn’t really changed, but that the quality control might have. I think it’s likely that someone got a tire in the 1600g range back then, and that 2500g was the upper limit.

I got mine from UK yesterday and on my kitchen scales I make it 1550g.

It does seem to be the same tread depth as the previous version - it must be a change in the rubber compound which saves the weight.

A quick test ride let me convince myself that it felt nimbler, and I made it up a hill in high gear which I hadn’t managed before.

Maybe I’m wrong, but not much higher is the maximum air pressure at the night righter then this light tyre?

Nimbus Nightrider 36" x 2.25" Tyre
Size: 36x2.25", to fit 787mm rim
Colour: Black
Construction: 2-ply
Pressure Rating: Max 65PSI
Tread Pattern: Road/Touring/Trail.
Weight: 1.75kg (+/- 100g)

TA 36" x 2.25" Road Tyre
Size: 36x2.25", to fit 787mm rim
Colour: Black
Construction: 4-ply
Pressure Rating: Max 32PSI
Tread Pattern: Road/Touring.

Weight: 1620g (+/- 20g)

Yep the TA is rated to only 32 PSI, but I run mine at 60 and it hasn’t exploded yet :smiley: Not sure how well that’d work with the newer one.

I should note that I’m not 100% sure those widths are accurate either. After riding alongside lots of people this week, I noticed the Nightrider tyre was quite a lot wider than my TA. That might be a product of the Stealth2 rim being slightly wider though, causing the tyre to widen a bit? Not sure.

Since we are comparing the two why not toss in the Todd/Vee Rubber too? Wasnt it for a little while the Todd claims to be the lightest?

3.5 pounds.

Sorry for the quick jack thread PM. Since the TA is not available in the States, if you only had one tire for rides on road and offroad, which would it be, the Todd or the Nightrider? , and are the equally quiet on the road?

Nightrider. Lasts a long time, relatively light, and le$$.