New lightweight 36er tube!


Just looking at your picture… you know you need to put a tyre on as well? I know the tube is good but it wont last long by its self :slight_smile:

Just kidding :slight_smile:

Seriously shaving the tyre is good too… its easy to take 200g off there :slight_smile:

But then you might be subjecting yourself to road camber more, and you’re also shaving off your tire’s life expectancy!


Very true… I wouldnt go too extreme for touring, but for racing tyre wear isnt too much of an issue :slight_smile:

Dang, I wish I’d know that! No wonder it felt so light during today’s ride! :wink:

Cool name for the tube. Anyone know why it’s called FOSS?

That’s what I was going to ask you! :smiley:

I took my new Foss tube and 36er to my LBS today so they could switch out the inner tubes. The tube broke while they were trying to get it on… I was somewhat expecting something like this to happen after reading some of the reviews on here. Luckily they had a normal 36in. tube and they put that one in without charging me for it. It seems like the new Foss tubes are really nice providing that they don’t break on you. It was cool lookin’ and wayy lighter than a normal tube, It just didn’t last long.

First, how did they manage to “break” it, and how exactly did that happen? It’s not like installing a 29er tube, that must be stretched and then very carefully install the tire without pinching it. The 36er tubes go onto the rim exceedingly easily, without having to stretch them at all, but, as usual, you do need to slightly inflate the tubes before installing them. Did they make sure the rim tape was not damaged or folded over in some areas, exposing spoke holes?

Did they pinch it during install, and if so, why couldn’t they patch it? My LBS installed mine without a problem, and I’ve since put 30+ miles on it, and so far it’s been fine. Second, how in the world would your LBS just happen to have a 36er tube in stock??? Do they carry 36er unicycles?

I’m not sure how they broke it. I Think it might have been the spokes protruding from the inside, as they said they had to put new rimtape on. Or maybe it got pinched, they said the tube was really thin. They had a hard time getting the tire back on too, maybe because of my rim. But they got a normal one on after that so I’m happy. Anyways, I’m glad yours is doing fine, have fun riding:)

They did have one in stock, pretty cool huh? One of the guys who works there is really cool and is also a unicyclist who rides all the time. There’s actually a Nightrider Pro in stock right now. They also have almost all the Torker types in stock and have Nimbuses and other unicycles every once in a while. It’s a good bike shop. :smiley:

They should have made sure the rim tape was on correctly–that’s pretty easy to determine, if they took the few seconds too inspect it–and had the the necessary tools and skills to install the foss tube. Sounds like a case of rushed and/or improper installation, so they cannot blame it on the tube, unless they can reasonably prove that it was defective in some definite way, which is highly doubtful.

Question about this new light weight 36er tube…

I am scheduled to ride a 100k event next week on my KH 36inch unicycle. sent me one of these tubes to try out…I would love to save some rotational weight but hate the idea of introducing possible new equipment failure problems right before a big ride. My question is, if i install this new tube and put 60-80 miles in before the ride this next weekend and have no issues, chances are i probably wont have any next weekend, right? It seems that all who have had problems, have had so because of pinch flats or improper installation. If i get it on tonight and have no problems before next week, i am probably good…right? Advice on whether its too risky or not please…

Hey Terry, how’s that piece of velcro holding up? I just mounted my Nimbus Nightrider and Foss tube from my Oracle onto my Coker but can’t inflate it until I get the valve stem shimmed. My tube didn’t come with a “small square adhesive rubber strip” unless I missed it.

What should I do? This is an expensive tube to take chances with. Anyone else have any recommendations?

Velcro is still there. What I had originally planned to do was Epoxy the stem hole closed, the drill it back out to fit the FOSS stem. A quick fix might be to wrap the stem evenly with electric tape to give it a more accurate fit. The part of the stem that is above the hole would not have to be wrapped.

Thanks for the reply, think I might give the electrical tape a try for now, UPS is bringing new cranks, KH bar and pedals today…I gotta ride!