New website

Hey All,

To let you know, we launched a new website at KHU today. Huge props to Carl Hoyer for web design - the entire site was built from the ground up in HTML5.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Better designed product pages with support resources and the ability to filter products
  • Awesome team rider profile pages (
  • About KHU section featuring company timeline (
  • About Kris Holm section featuring media & film timeline with embedded media (
  • About Unicycling section offering resources & tips for riders (
  • Freebies section soon to be filled with desktop backgrounds and other goodies (
  • Unicycle comparison page (
  • Re-designed and faster loading Where to Buy dealer locator (
  • A support section currently offering a single place to view/download product resources, assembly instructions, etc.
  • A great 404 error page (
  • Coming Soon: Evolution of Balance Award to get it's own companion site
  • Coming Soon: KH Factory Team rider blogs

The site has been launched in English first, with translations to come. We’ll also be tweaking things and editing a few details in the coming days…
Check it out and let us know what you think =)

(note - not

Just saw this posted on Facebook, looks much better, and nice one for going HTML5

I knew before looking what UPD picture you had used, such a classic :slight_smile:

It says “Unplaned Dismount”.

Do Americans spell that with just one N, or is that a typo or some extra level of joke that I missed?

The new look and feel of this website are fantastic!
Really makes you wanna grab everything it has to offer and just go out there and ride :slight_smile:

Nice work!
Well done!

New website looks great Kris! Much more mobile friendly. It seems I’m always surfing the internet on my iPhone or one of the kids iPads. The old KHU site was doable on iOS but the new site is a pleasure to browse on all our devices. Congratulations!

404 page rocks. And everything looks better refreshed :slight_smile:
In the timeline it would be good to have a photo or image for each of the events. Some, especially the oldest ones miss one badly.

Sorry to chime in with some bugs!..

It doesn’t display correctly on my ipad 2… Banner images don’t stretch all the way across / are mismatched with the overall layout, and on the team profiles the text is cut off at the edges. Just thought I’d point out these little bugs, help to iron them out. :slight_smile:

I actually liked the old site as it had a nice kind of minimalistic approach that for me matched the essence of unicycling… Glad to see the new site is still following this design choice. A more subdued site showcasing flash products (as you do with KHU!), is by far my preference, than a flashy site with subdued products! :smiley:

Nice one with your web refresh, Kris!


Love the new site! Works great on my phone!!

Thanks for the kind words and and feedback - I’m glad you like the site =)
We’re keeping track of all feedback & suggestions and will be tweaking the site over the next days.
If you see anything else (error, suggestion, any feedback), feel free to post it here or send me an email at info at

The environmental commitment makes me feel even better about getting my second KH this week. Thanks! Site looks way better, btw. b^.^d

When you click on the fusion saddle it doesn’t show you the picture. Other than that its a nice site with a brilliant 404 error page.

Nice site, Kris. Looks and feels clean and professional.