New Kris Holm Unicycle!

I finally got my kris holm trials, I can hop at least 5 inches higher than on my old one, and can grind. It is such a nice uni

How high could you hop before? Sounds cool i need to learn to grind soon:p

I could hop about 20 22 inches sum where around there. Oh and when you try to grind lean forward. The first one I tried I fell flat on my ass.

so now you can hop higher than 22 inches? because thats about where i am(shut up brian) and am getting the KH frame soon so it will be lighter. Thanks for the advice.

I just got mine as well, it’s incredible. Things that were no where near possible on my 24" dx are easy for me now. Sif hopping is now easy as hell because it’s so light. The fusion street saddle is also very comfortable and great for sif.

i am getting a kh sorta, just with a tryall rim and a cromo seatpost.
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my friends gettin the kh 07 soon