New Kris Holm Sym cranks and Clamps are up!

The new cranks and clamps are up on UDC if you haven’t noticed. I don’t think this has been posted yet so I figured I’d put it up.

The cranks are $130, which I personally think is ridiculous.

The new clamps are $8 and come in a variety of colors, unfortunately not white, but orange looks cool.

I guess just don’t get those cranks. About the same as koxx street cranks right?

The colored clamps are actually $12. The black is 8

I like how they just stole the copy from Kris’s website for the description of the cranks and don’t even put it in context. On Kris’s website it tells us that those are the things Shaun said about them but UDC totally neglects that part.

“Easier Blind slides (for me)” and who might you be?

At almost twice the price of moment cranks I think I’ll pass on these but in comparison to the Koxx street cranks the price isn’t bad.

it does mention his name

Yes. It says: “Shaun Johanneson has this to say about the Sym cranks:”

Interesting how that extra metal behind the crank makes them flip faster.

I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe that was there when I posted.

I doubt it does, he was probably comparing it to the longer cranks he was using before.

From a purely scientific view, I would conclude that the extra metal would make for a more balanced wheel, such that when the wheel is flipped, it doesn’t wobble nearly as much.

You can get a similar effect by attaching tire weights to your unicycle’s rim, on each side, opposite where the pedal meets the rim. This might be worth experimenting with, then again, maybe not :slight_smile:

I can’t say that’d make the wheel flip faster, as the added rotational weight (although slight) would require more force to accelerate the wheel… but it may allow the rider to apply a slightly greater impulse to the pedal since the wheel doesn’t wobble as much.

Being that I’ve yet to land a crankflip, however, I’m not going to speculate any further. I’ve only Newton’s knack for mechanics to help me out here.

I realize that, but the description doesn’t really make it clear that he’s comparing 130mm Sym cranks to 137mm normal cranks, or whatever the case may be.

It just looks like he’s saying the extra metal makes them flip faster. I doubt that’s what he means, but I could be wrong.

I’m quite sad to write this but…
those cranks must really stink for “crank roll tricks” wich are parts of street riding.
I think Kris got caught in the marketing race and had to design something new… too bad it’s not really usefull nor outbreaking:(

Those cranks are just silly. Why not make some normal 130mm tubular CrMO. I would buy them… but these seem worse than useless. Sorry Kris.

Ehehhe im gonna get shot by Spence for this but…YES Death to crank rolls! I see some flat land runs where they just do roll variations the entire time…I like seing some more off the uni tricks get a foot up on the tire flip your body around make it look less like freestyle and less repetitive. Yeah these cranks aren’t gonna work out for almost all flatland riders since the roll has become a base trick…But for someone with a more street flare these might be nice…Kinda like a cheater bare for leg around tricks. Does seem lil like a race to get something new…But he said experimental, and I really dont think this was designed with everybody in mind. I know that with every design there is a target of course, his target prolly loves this idea where crank rolling flatlanders are looking at the worst design since cotterless. Also I think these might be cool for beginner street and flat riders to get down crank tricks can you imagine how easy a super wrap would be with these babies!

Well I was going to say something like this earlier but I didn’t have the time…
My only proble with them is the price… I may not get my hands on them 'til next summer because I need a new rim, post and maybe a cf base.

That is, if theres any stock left by next summer. I doubt he did a very big production run of these, thats probably another reason why they are so expensive. If the opinions of most of the people here are any indication I don’t think these cranks will return next year in their current form.

Yeah these seem kinda like a limited time only deal ya know…Like that crank set that a year down the road one random rider will have them at an event and everyone be kinda impressed he has a pair lol


It seemes from my prospective that these cranks are redicules.

With that much metal behind the axix point i cannot see How these would not hurt you badly every time you pedal. Say hello to more ankle nub wounds.
I dont think these were thought through to well. If they were, there would be more hype, and alot more excited people. Also another note, kris designs things with all riders in mind, these werent designed with anyone in mind in my book.

True… I can only hope. Maybe only a few willl buy them and there well still be some left.

Now this is a great Idea, just make sure the cranks is rounded (unlike the sym ones) where you would do cranksrolls. This way you get great tubular flat cranks and great static flat cranks.

EDIT: only I problem I see with them is they might have to be big as rolling cranks and small as static cranks. Also if used for street they may be weak when in the rolling form.

From what I have heard about aluminum cranks is that if you take them on and off often then the splines get worn out and don’t stay on as well. If you are taking the cranks off every time you want to do a different trick it could cause problems. It’s probably similar to those people who ride with loose cranks then can never keep them tight afterwards.

Taking Crank on and off

Kris has said before that you should be able to take the cranks on and off the hub axle splines numerous times without any worry about wear if you use some grease. I looked into this before deciding to do crank rotations rather than tire rotations on the rim. Now of course if you don’t line up the cranks well with the hub axle and don’t use grease you might strip the splines some. However this would probably be on the Cranks because CroMoly is much harder than Aluminium.