New kris holm saddle?

I wanna get a new saddle i have a stock k1 Devil one now and want something a bit lighter slimmer and more plain. I was thinking of getting a Kris Holm fussion street sadle. Is it any good and do you know any other good saddles?

This saddle is perfect :P.

I’m pretty sure the KH is the thinnest stock saddle out there, so its your best bet.

No the thinnest is the k1 luxury, but they are very close to each other. I think the KH is better for me, cause I think it’s more comfortable to hold in SIF. but if you want the most awesome saddle you should have a KH with carbon fibre base (thet’s what i have;))

I believe the thinest is the Green Spirit nowadays…

I like thin seats, but I also like confortable seats. For me the KH is a bit big, but I can use it without problems. The KH also have the removable cover, what’s REALLY useful.

I have two foams, while I was in Europe (competing and hard training), I used the thin one, and when I’m here I use the bigger one :wink:

You can EASILY cut your foam, so I believe the KH is the best option so far!

AND don’t forget that the KH is cheaper than the k1… :roll_eyes:

Looks like ill be getting kh the then. Thanks for advice!:slight_smile:

Fit on the post on a standard devil?

My seat post is the one that came on the uni standard (k1devil) and im wondering if the saddle im getting (kh fusion street) will fit on it or will i need to get a new one?

For sure it’ll fit :smiley:

Most seatposts out there follow the KH/K1 style, a 4 bolts pattern… Only Miyata and Torker (If I’m not wrong), uses a different 4 bolts pattern (and it’s hard to find good seatposts for those!)

You can buy the KH and use it without problems on your uni :smiley: You’ll enjoy it :smiley:

i just bought myself a kh seat and the bolts weren’t long enough for my seatpost (crappy qu-ax seat post) so im having to fork out some more cash for a new post, im looking for cheap and strong, and suggestions?

I bought a kh saddle and a CF base…

Go to your hardware store and get 4 slightly longer bolts. The KH saddle is even easily dismantled and put back together. It will cost you 60¢ and take 5 minutes.

if you care to have super heavy duty bolts, get stainless ones… it will cost a bit more, but be well worth it.

Thats good. Thanks!:smiley:

What would be the point in that? It’s not like it cost much or is even that much of a hassel to replace some seat bolts if you somehow break them.

Cheers for the advice, also would I be able to get crank bolts from a hardware store? Its just the kh bolts that come with the rollo disks dont fit my hub :frowning: