New Kris Holm Gloves - Splint Length?

Thursday 4th October

I have just received my new Kris Holm full fingered gloves.

They seem quite well made and fit well, but I am concerned about how effective they will be in preventing hyper extension of the wrist, as the splint is only four inches long and extends just an inch past my wrist joint in the direction of my arm.

Prior to these becoming available this week, I was considering the Flexmeter wrist guards coupled with over-gloves. The Flexmeter guards extend a few inches up the arm and would seem to give much better protection.

Any thoughts on this ?

I’m not sure a hyper-extension injury would be all that common in unicycling (or for that matter, most falls on outstretched hands).

Most wrist injuries I’ve seen are from direct force on the palmar aspect of the wrist. If the splint is on the same side as your palm, it’s probably to diffuse the force on your wrist rather than preventing hyper-extension.

The splint is inside the elastic strap and ends up on the back of the hand/glove, and seems designed to prevent hyper extension.
The front has extra leather padding on the palm, but no splint.
I’m just concerned that the splint should extend further up the arm to give adequate protection ?

I’ve seen plenty of broken wrists, but can’t remember the last time I saw a hyperextension injury. Most people break their distal radius/ulnar or one of their carpal bones from landing on their outstretched hand, rather than rip ligaments in hyperextension. I would think it’s the sort of thing a gymnast would get from misjudging a front flip with their hand planted on the floor.

Probably more useful to have the splint on the palmar surface, because that is what people land on.

Yeah, but then it gets in your way.

Better something in the way that does something, than something out of the way that does nothing.

The alternative, of course, is to have nothing.

Shortly after I got my 36 guni (4 & 1/2 years ago) I took a fall with regular bike gloves without any hyperextension protection, and guess what happened. Yep, I hyperextended my wrist. Within weeks I got some Kris Holm gloves with the hyperextension protection and I have yet to hyperextend my wrists on any of my falls. Now, maybe I’m just getting better at falling without hyperextending my wrists. Practice makes perfect and I keep practicing. :o Or maybe the hyperextension protection on the KH gloves actually works.
I don’t have the new gloves so I can’t comment on any changes in design relative to the hyperextension protection but I can say that on the old gloves, the outcomes of my falls are consistent with the goals of the design. I know that’s a totally wussy conclusion, but that’s the fate of being logical. Data that is consistent with a hypothesis doesn’t prove it, but data inconsistent with the hypothesis can disprove it.
That’s my 2 cents.

Happy falling. :smiley:


It is when you fall off the back and land on your palm with your fingers facing towards you that you hyper-extend your wrist, I have done it once when learning and it hurt me for weeks and weeks.

I use the Triple eight helping hands because they have a rigid splint that runs from an inch behind your knuckles to past your wrist and is strapped in tight, I remove the front splint which has a skid bump in it as it causes issues holding the handle and isn’t really required as the leather palm is thick enough

How far behind the wrist joint does the splint on ‘hired hands’ extend?

It is pretty long and with the wrap around elasticated strap done up tight it stops almost all your ability to bend your wrist backwards.

The front splint I have shown separately as they are a pain to get back in and not much use unless you do lots of road riding and like to slide on your hands when you crash. You can see the thick leather pocket they sit in on the palm give ample protection anyway

The gloves have 9 months use and are still going strong, they do come up a bit tight between the fingers so you might need to go larger than normal.

Hope they help



Thanks for posting those, very useful.
They look great, pity they don’t do full fingered version for cold weather (I have looked but can’t see any).
What do you use for the winter?

I get cold :stuck_out_tongue:

I switched to some winter sealskin gloves but they are poor protection wise so I am looking into something for winter, tripple8 do a a wristsaver that could be worn over some winter bike gloves and is my current thought.

Yes I looked at those too.
I also looked at SFR for over gloves in winter - Seem to have good reviews

Fair enough. Knowing what I just said, I’ll probably hyperextend my wrist now :roll_eyes:

Not enough to convince me about the merits of that though, unless I play racquet sports or gymsnastics or volleyball.

Just an update on the great search for wrist protection -

I have returned my new KH Pulse gloves to
The wrist protection was just not enough for me, plus the padding on the palm was soft and ineffective against impact IMO.

Instead, having read some good reviews on this forum and on other sites, I have ordered some full fingered black Hillbillys.

I hope they are as tough as people say they are.
I will post my comments when they arrive.

Thanks for all the advice.

Oooh you beauty I have been looking for these in the uk for ages

We aim to please :slight_smile:

I recall seeing posts saying that they were unavailable in this country, which is why a posted the link.
As of earlier today, when I ordered mine, they had small medium and large in stock. XLarge were out of stock I think.

Luckily I have girly hands so a medium will suit me fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Top timing as the weather is closing in and my braking pinky gets pretty numb on a cold day *Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwe :stuck_out_tongue:

I just picked up a pair of Hillbilly 1/2 fingers!