New Kris Holm Asym Cranks?

Hey guys.

i was on UDC UK today when i found these.

Kris Holmn 130mm ASYM cranks. like the sym cranks but without the nub. they look sweet for street and flat :smiley:

anyone know anything about these?

Yeah some tubular KH cranks… if those are in the udc us store I might get some and try them out.

I bought a pair of Sym cranks and cutted of the nub so they are the same as Asym cranks :slight_smile:

They are great for both street and flatland :slight_smile: 130mm is the perfect length for both street and flatland IMO…(when the 130mm Mad4One cranks will be avaible i will see if i can get a pair of those :slight_smile: