new Koxx stuff

Straight from the french forum. Those new hubs will make a killer!

oh and the updated street cranks, but i think that’s old news. In fact all of this exept for the cranks and hub is i think.

And apparently that’s not it.

32H Hub FTW!

does anyone have any info on any of this stuff? are the hubs true (KH) isis or are they the same as before?

anybody got any info on the new street cranks?

If what they say is true then I can build up my sub-ten pound trials unicycle with an echo SL 32-hole rim.

Cranks are 177gr PER crank, so 354gram for a crankset.
Still, thats light and they look nice to :sunglasses:
The light hub looks to be EXTREMELY light :astonished: Wonder how they pulled that one off.
Ohw, I think they didn’t count the bearings on the hub…
New XTP frame looks like it will cut open your shins, so thats not good :roll_eyes:
New Street cranks look hot

Hub weights are laughable…

They take the bearings off their hubs, weigh them and then claim they are somehow lighter than the KH ti hub when weighed with bearings and, I believe spacers and bolts.

They would be lighter, even without doing this, so why resort to such duplicity? Bet they don’t last 5 minutes as well unless you never intend leaving the ground.

Pitfigher 3 looks good though, as long as the weight includes the bracket at the end :wink:

what does “moyeur actuel” mean. its in small print with a different weight next to it.

i think its the weight of the one out right now.

Wow, those are beautiful CAD renderings! I especially like the seat post and XTP frame designs. Can’t wait to see if they make it to production and how the actual products turn out.

Well, they arent doing anything wrong. They are giving the weight of the hub, like they said.

The new alum seatpost looks like a plastic casting

Most current posts are made from pieces of rolled steel or alum, then welded together.

To be made of alum and look like these they would have to be cast, or cut from billet aluminum blocks, which would be crazy expensive. Cast would be be to heavy I think, so these parts are sorta a puzzle. :thinking:

The other stuff looks pretty good. Have they sorted out the ISIS compatibility issue ? They could have the best cranks ever, but they won’t sell many if they don’t join the rest of the party.

Does any one know when this stuff will be released or is it just concept stuff?

koxx are awesome:)

It says september 2009 for release date.

Where does it say that the hubs have 32 holes? Interesting flange-less design.

On the original forum post it says that they have already released a new flat rim that is 32 hole, and that the 32 hole hub will be released. The only thing they say about a date is vaguely September 2009.

yea are they true ISIS (KH) i would like to know is well.

Sorry if it has been answered already and i missed it

Their new stuff is all real ISIS. To be honest i have an old k1 reinforced hub (old enough to not say reinforced on it) and some k1 light cranks, and they fit on a moment hub and the moments fit on the hub. The only thing to be carefull is to use the right spacers and bearings and the k1 cranks needed to be tighten extremely hard on the moment hub to get a tight fit, but get a long allen key and some grease!

cool thanks i wouldnt mind getting one of those hus