New Koxx-One website !!!

Visit the new Koxx-One website !

You will find all our new products and informations you want !

Discover soon the new :

  • Pit fighter III
  • Light white tire (800 gr)
  • White russian II
  • Karbon Koncept
  • Street cranks 133 with grip
  • Yaabaa Uni !

And all the Koxx-One products !

Participate at our new contest to win a unicycle each 3 months !!!


I want that light tire :stuck_out_tongue: Does anyone know when it will be available in Sweden (

love the new website arthur. all the pics work now, and its much easier to navigate :slight_smile:

Cool website, I really like it. One little thing though, is that it seems to go back to French every time I follow a link, which is slightly annoying.

Lisa - it’s already available in some places at least, they were selling them at NAUCC this year.

It sure looks pretty nice, but I recommend finding a native english speaker to proof read the whole site - the spelling and grammar is still pretty terrible. Also as has been said already it keeps switching back to French whenever I click a link.

Love the products and style though, especially the white Russian… om nom!

French/English flags at right bottom corner…no workie workie…French is all I saw.
But saved the cool site anyway 4 sure.

Looks good apart from problems above. Street cranks and pit fighter look good.


not to bad… I feared Koxx one is dead - now back again! good luck!

Don’t worry, the french version is pretty terrible too in terms of spelling… But I still like the website, even if it would be nicer with the products truly available !

the site is pretty bad. Links are dead (including the one to buy), pictures missing if you click on them… Worst of all the stuff is unavailable…

While I wasn’t a fan of the all flash old site, at least it had pictures of all the products…