New koxx one vid each friday


Here the new vid of koxx-one

Each friday=> new vid ! This Week, koxx one spirit at Fluck 2007

<a href=""></a>

The vid doesn’t load for me…

Doesnt load for me either!

Download it:
And play it i divx-player. Worked for me.

That was cool.

Would be nice if you put it somewhere else (Utv for example) the koxx server is soooo slow.

it didnt work on the koxx site or the second link…any youtube links maybe?

It worked for me, I downloaded it and played it in VLC player. When I played it in quicktime I didn’t get any sound.

I liked it, really short though.

if the k1 people dont mind ill put it up on youtube

Yeah, I played it fine in VLC media player.

ahh vlc. saved my porn lovin ass many a time

Click here for the youtube link :wink:

thank you!!! times a million…

those crazy frenchmen.

that was a good video.

There was hardly and riding.:wink:

the new koxx vid is out on their page,
just go to the gallery, then videos.
the new vid is good, great editing and good riding. altso from fluck

I that that was stupid, waste of time and bandwidth.

Seems like the last two vids could’ve just been one. Tom Pec is rad.